Thursday, January 2, 2014

Pork Bombs

We need to come up with a “pork bomb” to use on Islamic terrorists. If they hate anything “pork,” that’s a weakness and should be exploited. Maybe by slipping bacon into their food supply or using catapults to throw bacon at them during firefights. Then while they’re running, shoot them down with bacon bullets. When questioning them, rub them all over with bacon grease. That ought to get rid of them. They won’t go anywhere near a place where there is gong to be a lot of bacon. Might work. Like shooting bug juice at roaches.

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS: They are an exercise in futility. I have none. They are the reason gyms and other places to “make your body better” do a land office business in January, only to have most of the contracts bought (and paid for) lie empty the rest of the year, the establishments never seeing the people who signed up (and paid for them) again. Nobody EVER keeps New Year’s resolutions, so why bother to make them at all? The only reason I can see is that “everybody’s doing it,” which is not a good reason to do ANYTHING.

DAMN, HOW STUPID? Democrats call Obamacare a “small, modest bill.” All 17,000 pages of it. If THAT’S a “small, modest bill,” I’d hate to see a big, complicated one! What FOOLS these Democrats be! They really expect us to believe this drivel that comes out of their pie holes! Too bad these stupid people are too stupid to realize they ARE stupid. And they think they’re the smartest people in the room.

HILLARY WANTS TO RUN: What on Earth do they think will forever stop a candidate from EVER considering running for office? Murder, mayhem, condoning and facilitating murder and mayhem? Showing INDIFFERENCE to the murder and mayhem you promote? Damn, what a stupid woman this is! She actually thinks the has a CHANCE! And more’s the pity with more than 50% of this nation on some kind of “dole,” she may be right.

THE END OF AMERICAN OWNERSHIP: There used to be three major automakers in the United States. Now there are only two. French automaker Fiat has now purchased the last remaining stock in Chrysler, the smallest of the “Big Three.” So if you want to buy what LOOKS like an “American made car,” don’t buy a Chrysler. It's "wholly owned" by Fiat, which is owned by the French government. Of course, when you buy a Chevy or a Ford, you’re getting about half their parts made in other countries, so what’s the difference?

LYNN STEWART RELEASED: The attorney who passed messages from the “Blind Sheikh” to his killers in the field, and thus caused the murder of many people and mayhem all over the globe is due to be released for “humanitarian reasons” nobody will detail. No comments from the victims of the terrorist killings created by her passing on his messages; they’re dead. Rich Moran of the "American Thinker" says the Obama administration "should be ashamed." I agree. But will anything about this ever appear in the liberal media big enough to be noticed? Probably not. Oh, well: at least her career is in ashes.

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