Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Twisting the World Around

I never thought I’d see the governor of a state, even a LIBERAL state, say to the world that people who didn’t like murdering innocent babies in the womb and people who insisted on the constitutionally-protected right to bear arms for self protection “had no place in his state.” What FOOLS they raise in New York State and elect to be their governors! He also said people who think being gay is wrong have no place there, too. I have nothing against gays, but people have the right to believe otherwise and say so. That’s another constitutionally-protected right.

“THE IDLE RICH”: Liberals like to talk a lot about “the idle rich,” which they usually define as people who EARN their riches. They try and make you think those people somehow have swindled their workers out of the money to become rich. What they don’t tell you is that most of the liberals in Washington ARE the “idle rich.” Like the Kennedys and others, that’s why they have so much free time to become politicians so they can run the lives of others They are those who INHERITED wealth, and want to keep others from EARNING their wealth.

WE WERE RIGHT: General Paetraeus, Ambassador Ryan Crocker and I all predicted the violence that has risen in Iraq after Zero precipitously “cut and ran” after telling the enemy a “date certain” when we would “run away.” Now we’re gone, the Islamic terrorists (that we used to support) are again running wild, killing people. This was so predictable it didn’t take a general or an ambassador to predict it. Any ten-year-old who paid attention to politics could have done it.

TAXING RAIN: The State of Maryland made a law taxing the owners of ANY structure that prevented rain water from reaching the ground, which forced taxpayers to literally pay a tax on RAIN. That’s about as stupid as the tax they put on cow farts elsewhere. But with all the stupid politicians out there (most of them liberal Democrats) that’s the kind of thing you can expect. But the law proved so unpopular (there are a few smart people left) that they’re now considering repealing it.

LEAVING NEW YORK: Sean Hannity, who was BORN in New York, in answer to NY Gov. Cuomo’s announcement that conservatives were not welcome there, said to him, “Go to hell: I’m moving to Texas.” Another Conservative, Glenn Beck, has already moved to Texas. Rush Limbaugh moved to Florida years ago, and New York audits him still every year to see if he spent ONE DAY in New York doing business. Net loss to NY, millions of dollars in taxes and employment: and it has not ended. More will do so and take their money with them. What FOOLS they elect in New York!

TALK ABOUT DISTRACTED DRIVING!  Stepen Gove, 56, had finished his newspaper route on his three-wheeler bike and was on his way home when he was hit by a car and carried on for blocks as the man kept driving. At one point, he said to the driver, “Hello, I’m the guy you ran over back there” as he held on while stuck through the windshield. He was ignored and the car didn’t stop until it hit another car. Then the driver locked the car and walked away. The cops found him and arrested him on a drunk driving and leaving the scene of two accidents charges. What a damned FOOL!

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