Monday, January 13, 2014

Obama Admits It

Only Fox News and Rush Limbaugh (and people like them) stop him from having TOTAL press obedience. These people tell the truth, and so their work can’t be tolerated by him and his thugs. They must be stopped! And he spends a good part of every day trying to think of effective means of shutting these people up so they can’t tell the world about his excesses and his crimes. If he ever succeeds, we’re DOOMED.

ISLAM FASTEST GROWING: It’s the “fastest-growing religion” in the world. The reason for that is NOT because people think it’s a great religion—it’s not. It’s a political system PRETENDING to be a religion for the benefits they can realize by BEING a religion. It’s because when they take over an area, you’d BETTER convert, or they’ll KILL you. And once you convert, you’d better not try to leave Islam for another religion—or NO religion. They’ll KILL you for that, too. There are many things they’ll kill you for, including being raped.

IT’S AN ADMITTED CON: Obama says they NEED “young, healthy people’s money” to make his health care swindle work. That means he must force people into the plan who do not NEED it so he can steal their money, to make it work. That’s a collective (socialist) idea if I ever saw one. And he thinks we won’t realize it until it’s too late. And it may be too late already, since the fools who voted it in never even read it. The proof is Nancy Peelosi’s stupid crack that we needed to “pass the bill to find out what’s in it.” But nobody picked up on it.

NEW MAYOR GETS FLACK: The new New York City mayor is getting a lot of flack for eating his pizza with a knife and fork. So what? That’s his business. I eat pizza with a knife and fork, too, and I don’t allow people to tell me any different Of course, I have a good reason for that. My teeth long ago left me. I don’t think that’s true with New York’s new mayor. Whether or not he has any teeth left, he can afford to get falsies. I can’t. I’m not a politician. I don’t have access to “other people’s money.”

CNN TO GOP: “DROP DEAD”: That’s a pretty fool thing to say, but leave it to a liberal to say it. He’s trying to convince the world that Fox is a “Republican mouthpiece,” when CNN IS the DEMOCRAT mouthpiece. And it’s costing them viewers. People are getting tired of hearing the same old liberal crap on CNN and are turning to Fox, which tells BOTH SIDES of the story, even if it hurts Republicans. But then, that’s the sort of “cheap shot” you can expect from liberals. Is CNN still in business? I hadn’t noticed.

MUSTANG IS BACK: They’ve sold 9 million of them over the years, so it wasn’t a good idea to “retire” them. So they brought it back. They have introduced the new version and it’s disappointing. Yes, it’s fast. And it has many good features. But it looks like every other car out there. It used to be instantly recognizable but today, with aerodynamics being important, you have to look as the nameplate (just like with all other cars) to see what it is.

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