Sunday, January 5, 2014

Unnecessary "Studies"

A recent “study” is about how many people will call this year “twenty-fourteen” or “two thousand fourteen.” Who cares? Why do people spend money on these stupid “studies?” Like that famous one on the “sex life of the Tse-Tse Fly.” It amazes me what some people find “important,” and how much money they can con out of the government to support such “flights of fancy.” But the feds have so much of our money they’ve got to spend it on SOMETHING, I guess.

“IT’S LIKE USING THE ‘N’ WORD”: The liberals are now saying using the word “Obamacare” is tantamount to using the ‘n’ word.” REALLY! What kind of a stupid idea is that? I guess if you can say what words mean, you can say ANYTHING, can’t you? REALITY is, Obamacare is an apt description of this train wreck, no matter what color Obama is. It’s Obama’s baby. I, for one, don’t care if he’s PURPLE! His POLICIES are an abomination! That is true, whether or not they call me a racist for having the temerity to have CRITICIZED their “Messiah.” I’d better shut up now, before I say something REALLY bad.

AGAIN, THE UNNECESSARY “STUDIES”: I decried the other day an unnecessary study that purported to tell you what a man’s (or woman’s) political position was by what they DRANK. It showed that Democrats liked colorless, or “white” drinks while Republicans liked their “dark drinks,” intimating, of course, racism (from the racist Democrat Party). Now comes another “study” claiming the same thing. Boy, these fools really work HARD to disseminate their lies, don’t they?

NOW I DAMNED SURE CAN’T AFFORD IT! What part of “can’t afford health care insurance” does Obama not understand? Does he really think passing a LAW requiring me to buy it will change that? Especially when the law he passed has had the effect of DOUBLING the original unaffordable cost of health care insurance. I understand that he’s promoting a “single-payer” system so he can CONTROL more and more of our lives and “micromanage” them. I’m just glad I won’t be around for most of it, but I feel sorry for my descendants, who will.

BUYING A PIG IN A POKE: That’s the hallmark of Obamacare; Obama’s health care swindle law. The law was PASSED by a Congress who didn’t read it, and thus knew not what was IN it. Promoted by Nancy Peelosi, who said, “We must pass it to find out what’s in it.” Now people are expected to “sign up” for it without knowing what they’re paying for. And when they find out, if they don’t like it, they can’t “opt out.” This is one of the biggest swindles (outside of AlGore’s global warming swindle) there has ever been in this country, perpetrated by a the kind of con man never-before seen, Obama.

PUT ‘EM OUT OF BUSINESS: Obama is destroying private business, one business at a time. He does this by targeting SOMETHING essential to that business, then makes onerous “regulations” based on NO law, that costs them a lot of money to comply with. If they can’t afford to comply, he fines them, costing them even MORE money. He keeps this up, until that business goes “down the tubes,” taking with it all their employees. He’s doing that now with the vending machine industry, insisting they post calorie counts, most of which are ALREADY required on he labels of the products sold.

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