Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Buying The Judge

A federal judge has declared Obama’s NSA spying to be legal when it is not. I’m sure this is not the first instance of somebody “buying the judge.” And with Obama having access to trillions of dollars, I don’t see why he hasn’t “bought the judge” in many different cases. Or maybe he has, and we don’t know it. Would Obama do such a thing? I think YES; a resounding yes. Obama doesn’t care how many laws he breaks if he gets his way.

TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT IT: Frankly, I’m tired of hearing about Obama’s health care swindle law, about which the media has been obsessing for MONTHS. It’s a con; a swindle, that has cost us many billions of dollars and has screwed up the health insurance, AND the medical business for years to come. It has cost many people a LOT of money and created a lot of uncertainty by the way it has been MISmanaged. I wouldn’t “sign up” for it if they shot me.

DEAN LOOKS LIKE HE’S IN PAIN: I saw former presidential candidate Howard dean in a debate over Obamacare on Fox the other day and a more stiff individual I have ever to see. He looked like he was sitting on a barbed spear and was afraid to move. Maybe he was. Maybe it isn’t the firs time. Something has to account for that scream that lost him the election.

NEW YORK TIMES LYING: They recently put out a “report” going right back to Obama’s first lie about Benghazi, saying there was NO evidence of al-Qaida involvement and that the whole thing was some Muslims angry about that obscure video critical of Islam that nobody had ever, up to that time, ever seen. Talk about making a liar out of yourself and announcing it to the world! NYT has added to the reasons why they should go out of business, and soon.

PEELOSI: “EXTEND UNEMPLOYMENT”: House MINORITY Leader Nancy Peelosi has opened her ubiquitous yap again and made another stupid statement. This bimbo is the QUEEN of the stupid statement. She says the first thing we need to do when Congress reconvenes is to extend the unemployment benefits. Mostly because of Obama’s fool policies that have resulted in millions of people being out of work for a long time.

NEVER KNOWN MSNBC TO HAVE SENSE: MSNBC host Joy Reid (filling in for Ed Schultz) mocked Sarah Palin for having a Christmas tree—in a country where EVERYBODY has a Christmas tree. That is, except for stupid television personalities who have no more sense than to work for MSNBC, that is. I don’t know where they FIND these people! Of course, since she’s black, they’ll call me racist for this when it is not her color, but her stupid MOUTH I’m criticizing.

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