Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hooded Terrorist Says, "No Internet"

A Syrian terrorist, cum rebel has told people in Syria not to use the Internet on pain of “7th century Sharia punishment.” Of course, this ADMITS that they are very 7th century. Notice the man delivering the message is completely masked, afraid to show his face. Not even his eyes (Must be hard to see that way). Not much of a threat there if he is afraid to even show his face. If they really think they can stop millions of people from using the Internet, good luck on that.

CALL HIM “ZERO”: The Seal Tram commander whose team rescued Capt. Phillips after Somali pirates “took over” his ship says Obama’s “rules of engagement” made it almost impossible to effect a rescue, though without them one would have been easy. Only after he decided he could decide what was "danger to the captain” were they able to resolve the situation in seconds by killing the pirates holding him. He called Obama “Zero” in his report and I think that’s a good appellation for Obama, as he IS a “zero.”

“BLOOD IN THE WATER”: Democrats are sensing a weakness on the part of Gov. Christie, a prominent future presidential candidate, after the kerfluffle over the traffic jam created by some of Gov. Christie’s staff. It’s an opportunity to weaken him as a candidate, whatever the outcome. Now they’ve “instituted an investigation” into “mismanagement” of Hurricane Sandy funds Gov. Christie’s state received from he feds (Nothing on the same for the New York Governor Cuomo even when many NY homes are not repaired). Nothing still on “Zero’s” (Obama’s) scandals, which are much larger and much older. And there won’t be, so long as Obama (“Zero”) is in charge.

WHY ARE WE "FIGHTING ISLAM?" We aren’t. We ARE fighting the SPREAD of Islam over the world, just like we USED to be fighting the spread of communism over the world. Russia put a serious crimp in that effort when communism “failed” in Russia. That convinced many gullible people that “communism was dead,” which it is NOT. But that aside, we cannot allow the continued spread of Islam over the world. They are admittedly, and proudly so, wishing to rule the entire world with their political system PRETENDING to be a religion and have made many inroads, even in America.

WE CAN ONLY TRUST THE COPS: Rabid anti-gun fools tell us we can only trust cops to responsibly carry guns without “shooting up the landscape.” We’re too irresponsible to be allowed to carry guns for self-defense. We’ll shoot people on the slightest provocation and cops won’t. They will ignore the recent case where a cop (an ex-CAPTAIN, no less) shot a movie-goer in a theater because he refused to stop texting. But that doesn’t count, huh? And there are many other examples of cops shooting people on the slightest provocation, but they ignore those, too. And they also beat them to death and get away with it.

SO HILLARY HAS AN “ENEMIES LIST”: So what? Everybody has an “enemies list.” I have an “enemies list,” though I haven’t written it down; I know who my enemies are. And I respond to their activities as I would to ANY enemy. What’s the big deal? It’s like people didn’t realize people like Hillary HAD a list of their enemies, either written down, or just in her mind. There are a lot of naive people out there and this controversy proves it. People like HIllary have to have an "enemies list" because they have so many.And if she ever noticed my work, I'd be on her "enemies list,," and proud of it. I'm sure her list includes everybody who tells the truth about her activities.

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