Thursday, January 30, 2014

Imperial Presidency?

Some said Richard Nixon’s was “an imperial presidency.” Others said Bush had one. They were wrong. Obama DOES have an “imperial presidency.” It became that when he started “making laws without Congress.” What kind of a fool IS this guy? He’s “thumbing his nose” at the law. He’s assuming powers he does not have. But then, that’s not new. He’s been doing that since the first day after his inauguration. And the fools in DC keep their mouths shut and let him do it. Damn, what FOOLS they are!

DON’T THINK IT, DO IT!  Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) walked out on Obama’s “State of the Coup…er, uh, Union” speech the other night because he just couldn’t stand to listen to the litany of lies Obama was telling there. I have the same problem, although I don’t “walk out” on it, I just never listen to it. It’s a “dog and pony show” designed to fool the public. Stockman is now “thinking about filing articles of impeachment.” My advice? Don’t just “think about it,” DO it.

HENRY WAXMAN TO RETIRE: After more than 35 years in Congress, Henry Waxman is going to retire. It’s about time! Congress was originally designed to be a part-time job people who wanted to “serve their country” engaged in for a short time, and then went back home to their real lives. It has evolved until now it is a lifetime career where you go to DC broke, and return years later as a millionaire from graft. We need to limit Congress people to ONE TERM, period. Forever. No repeats.

DEMS DITCHING ZERO: Many Democrats want no part of Obama in their campaigns for re-election, and rightly so. If the election were honest, Obama would never have gotten a second term—and CERTAINLY not a third term, which I’m sure he wants, if he can con us again. Now the members of his own party do not want to be identified as being in his party, if possible. Many are invited to his events, and are uniformly ”busy” on that day, whatever day it is. I don’t know how they figure to get out of it, but they want to completely SEPARATE themselves from Obama.

OBAMACARE A SUCCESS: Everybody thiniks Obamacare is a failure; a “trainwreck.” But it is not, according to Obama’s wishes. In Obamaland, it is a “smashing success,” forcing millions of people who were happily insured to become “wards of the government” to be insured at all. He’s actually pushing a “single payer system.” He has SAID he “prefers a single payer system and Obamacare will make it possible. So to Obama, it is a “smashing success.”

BEING PREPARED: I was taken to task on Twitter the other day for saying the people in Atlanta were “unprepared” for their THREE INCHES of snow. One Tweeter even used words I can’t repeat here in describing me. I know Atlantans are having a problem now, but it is the fault of their politicians, who have IGNORED the necessity to PREPARE for such storms. In Indianapolis where I was born, or Denver, where I live now, 3” of snow is never a problem because they are prepared for much worse.

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