Friday, January 17, 2014

The Basic Cause of Terrorism

John (Incompetent) Kerry says the basic cause of terrorism is poverty. He couldn’t be more wrong. He's ALWAYS wrong. Most of the terrorists involved in 9/11 were well-to-do. The “main man” in Islamic terrorism, bin Laden, was “super rich.” So there goes that. The base cause of terrorism, as we know it today, (Islamic terrorism) is religious intolerance. They make no bones about it. They want to KILL everybody who believes differently than THEY do. The fighting in Ireland was also about religious intolerance; and in Israel, itself, Palestinians (Islamic terrorists) want to kill ALL Jews.

“A NATION OF REGULATIONS”: Senator Mike Lee of Utah TRASHED Obama’s administration with one picture. It shows a tiny stack of papers about 3” tall to represent all the LAWS lawfully passed by the Congress and signed by the president last year beside what looks like 2-2/3 FOOT tall stacks of “regulations” promulgated by Zero (Obama) during the same year. What this shows is how LITTLE Zero thinks of Congress, and how highly he thinks of himself and his own “ability” to “make law WITHOUT Congress.” That’s ILLEGAL, but he doesn’t care. He thinks he’s king. My message to Zero is to “take your regulations and stick them in your tailpipe—sideways.”

ANOTHER ATTEMPT TO UNDERMINE OBAMACARE: That’s what Obama says all the criticism of Obamacare is—and he’s right. So what? Obamacare is an ABORTION. An ABOMINATION! We don’t have to “attempt” to get rid of it, it is doing that, itself! Just as we don’t have to criticize Obama to make him look foolish. He’s doing a good job of that, himself. It’s not an “attempt” to undermine him and Obamacare, it’s an attempt to get the TRUTH out. And that’s what he doesn’t want. He will go to any lengths to stop that.

MAKING NRA WISH THEY WERE NEVER BORN: That’s what Hollywood bigwig Harvey Weinstein says his proposed movie is going to do. But he won’t do it without lying, because there’s nothing about NRA that would do that, except to liberal anti-gun fools. They think the NRA is eeeeeeevvvill! Just by existing. And so does Harvey. This guy is a good movie-maker, but he is ignorant in so many ways otherwise, it makes me physically ill to think of him.

ISRAEL BANS WORD “NAZI”: Twice recently I have had  to take Israel to task, although I’m not a big Israel-basher (I fully support their right to exist, even if Islamic religion-bashers don't). They now want to ban the word “Nazi,” and tell Israelites never to say that word. What a FOOL notion. That would be like America making a law to ban the use of the word “British,” or “England,” just because we fought them in our revolutionary war. Then there’s their recent banning of dried fruit at the “Temple Mount” because some Muslims don’t like it. For my thinking, they’re doing WAY too many things against their own good, to please Muslims, and need to get some more backbone.

This woman wrote a scathing editorial that supposedly “took apart” Marcus Luttrelle’s account of the battle with Islamic extremists that resulted in the deaths of everybody in his team but himself. Glenn Beck was so incensed that he offered to pay her way to come and read that article to Lutterell’s face. I predict that she will not accept Glenn’s offer because she hasn’t the guts. People like that depend on hiding behind their editor’s desk.

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