Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Shaking Down Big Business

Obama just shook down J. P. Morgan for $2.5 billion dollars. Morgan can’t afford to be “broken up,” so they’ll do anything, pay any “fine” (swindle) to avoid it, and that’s the threat Obama used on them, intimating complicity with Bernie Madoff’s pyramid scheme. Nobody ever asks what he does with money so extorted. Maybe he just sends it directly to the Muslim terrorists, I don’t know. He seems to be their biggest financial supporter.

QUEEN OF STUPID: That best describes filthy rich Nancy Peelosi, once majority leader of the House (who never misses an opportunity to bad mouth the rich). She’s most famous for her supremely stupid crack that we had to pass the Obamacare law to “find out what’s in it.” That this was really stupid is something completely lost on her. Now she compounds that stupidity by saying that unemployment benefits actually IMPROVE the economy, rather than being a DRAIN on it. This bi…uh, witch is an apt illustration of the INCOMPETENCE that abounds in DC. If she was the only stupid person in high office in DC I could handle it. But she is NOT, and that’s dangerous.

REINFORCING A LIE: Muslims constantly push the propaganda that they are a “peaceful religion” and if you don’t agree, they’ll KILL you. They lie and lie, and kill and kill. And they are neither a religion, nor are they “peaceful.” They’re a political system PRETENDING to be a religion for the benefits it gives them. And they’re ANYTHING but “peaceful.” They recruit by threatening death,and  keep their adherents with another death threat. They threaten death to anyone who tries to tell the truth about them. They’ll kill you for even drawing a picture of their “prophet.”

WORST PLACES TO BE A CHRISTIAN: The ten worst places to be a Christian seem all to be in Muslim-run territory. Muslims CLAIM to be a “peaceful religion” and scream the loudest every time somebody tells the truth about them, crying “religious tolerance.” But reality proves that Muslims are the MOST intolerant of other religions of ANYBODY. Their “Bible,” the Koran actually tells them it’s okay to KILL people who are not Muslim, with impunity.

IF IT’S COLD, IT’S “GLOBAL WARMING”: If it’s hot, it’s “global warming.” Anything that happens is “global warming.” And they changed the name of the swindle to “climate change,” which is “neutral enough” they can use it whether it’s cold OR hot to advance their swindle. I remember when those “infallible” pseudo-scientists were worried about “global COOLING.” They were predicting a “coming ice age.” And they think we should believe them implicitly.

CREATION VS. EVOLUTION: That’s one of the biggest, and longest lasting controversies out there. But what they don’t understand is that evolution COULD just be the way God caused us to advance. But trying to argue REASON to religious fanatics is futile. They have their BELIEFS and never let facts get in the way. I wonder about people like that. Seems like they just want to argue.

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