Friday, January 10, 2014

Cold Weather From Hot Earth

A “government spokesman” came out with one of the stupidest cracks I’ve ever heard besides Nancy’s “We gotta pass the bill to find out what’s in it” crack. She insists the extreme cold weather we’ve been suffering is because of a “warmer Earth.” In other words, the cold is caused by global warming. Some people just won’t give up their delusions, I guess. What a bunch of FOOLS we have in DC!

BLAME BUSH FOR EVERYTHING! Harry Reid is now saying that the resurgence of the Islamic terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan is George BUSH’S fault. I don't know what delusion he bases THAT on. Typical fool idea when we KNOW the cause is Obama “pulling out” before the terrorists were FULLY beaten. They just "laid low" until we left after we ANNOUNCED we were going to leave and gave a "date certain." What damned FOOLS we have in DC, and Harry is one of the worst!

STUPIDITY INGRAINED: That aptly describes Washington, DC, where they think you can spend yourself to economic success and that “corporations are NOT people (What else ARE they, but a COLLECTION of people?). That “cutting and running” from Iraq without completely beating the terrorists is “winning the war.” That people will continue to believe your lies after they have been proven to be lies many times. That DOUBLING the cost of your health care while giving you less in return is “Affordable Health Care.” It really amazes me the utter stupidities they expect us to believe. Or it would if I hadn’t been around long enough to have heard them over and over while life proves otherwise and they ignore it..

"MOST AGREE WITH ME": Obama says a majority of Americans agree with his anti-gun policies. If they did, why are they lining up around the block in many places to get “carry permits?” That doesn’t sound much like they agree with him, does it? Actually, that’s a typical Obama LIE, told I an effort to convince Americans of something that is just NOT TRUE. Something Obama does every day. How do you know when Obama is lying? His mouth is moving and sounds are coming out.

UNEMPLOYMENT FALLS: It has fallen to the lowest rate EVER during Obama’s “reign,” but it’s much HIGHER than at any time during Bush’s administration when they were whining about unemployment being “so high.” And why is it dropping? Certainly not because people are finding jobs. It’s dropping because so many are just “giving up” and LEAVING the work force, causing  the numbers to be based on a smaller labor force, thus being a smaller percentage of the whole.. That’s something Obama will NEVER tell you.

Benjamin Wardid, a Vietnam vet, entered a restaurant with his clearly identified “Service dog,” who was with him because he suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and was refused service because of the dog. The restaurant, the Hong Mei Hibachi Grill and Buffett in Mooresville, N.C, refused to recognize that the dog was a “service dog” and refused Wardid service. If I were him, I would take my business elsewhere, and picket this restaurant until they agreed to recognize service dogs. And I would tell all my friends to stay away, too.

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