Saturday, January 11, 2014

"Voluntary" Conversions

Many people in the "Islamic World" have converted "willingly" to Islam after Islam took over their countries. Willingly," at least, on the surface, but under the threat DEATH if they did not convert. But what they don't consider is that you can force somebody to SAY they've "converted" to avoid being beheaded and their families killed, you haven't changed ANYTHING in their minds. They are STILL Christians in secret. They just "go through the motions" of being Muslim.

SYSTEMATICALLY LYING TO US: The government in this country SYSTEMATICALLY lies to us. And it’s not a Democrat/Republican thing. Both sides do it; that’s why it’s “systematic.” Like the “baseline budgeting” scam. That’s where they AUTOMATICALLY raise the amount of money given to each department by 10% every year. Then if the “other side” lowers that to, say, 7%, they scream CUTS! When it isn’t a “cut,” it’s simply a reduction in INCREASE.

IT’S ALWAYS AN “ASSAULT WEAPON!” Even when it isn’t. And when they say it, the press swears to it. And those who “pay no attention to politics” and still vote, swallow it up like a dog eating a morsel of food thrown to him. “Assault weapons” are RARELY used in crime. They’re too bulky to carry around. Criminals prefer smaller, more easily concealed guns that incompetent liberals ignore in making their useless anti-gun laws.

LIBERALS DON’T HAVE THE INTELLIGENCE: They don’t have the intelligence for ANYTHING, but I’m specifically talking here about the “solution to gun violence.” They think the answer is to make owning and carrying a gun, the means to self-defense, illegal while criminals couldn’t care less. They always get their guns, especially where gun laws are the tightest. Illegal gun sellers seek these areas out because they know they can sell more guns to more criminals. Liberals are told over and over again the REAL means to an end to gun violence but they’re “tone deaf” to reason. They even think reason and logic do not even exist.

KILL THEM WHERE THEY STAND: Don’t “capture and imprison” Muslim terrorists when you catch them in the act. KILL them; then and there. Then they can’t be used to create more violence to get them released. A good example is the “blind Sheik,” who masterminded the first World Trade Center bombing and was instrumental in the second one (with the help of his lawyer). They’re STILL trying to get him released and have killed many people in that effort. Eliminate that by just shooting terrorists where they stand.

FIND A “REASON FOR LIVING”: Liberals say Republicans need to accept more of THEIR positions to “give them a reason for living.” They really think Republicans and other conservatives don’t have a reason for living unless they adopt liberal ideas. How cocky that is! And how STUPID. It's like advising Republicans to stop opposing them so they can get elected more often. As if DEMOCRATS were interested in getting REPUBLICANS elected! What the Republicans need is to get a backbone and properly OPPOSE liberal ideas everywhere. That is their “reason for living,” to oppose the incompetent ideas liberals push.

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