Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dream On, General

An Iranian general says we try to negotiate because we can’t beat Iran militarily. What planet is this fool from? Where in the universe has he been living? He certainly isn’t living in the real world if he thinks the United States can’t beat Iran militarily. If we wished, we could “drop them” in a week, just like we did another fool dictator in Iraq. What FOOLS they have in Iran’s military! One of these days they’ll go too far and will find out the truth that they aren’t a “pimple on the ass” of America’s military power. But not as long as “Zero” is president.

DNC CHAIR DOUBLE TALK: People are surprised that DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz engages in “double-talk.” Why would that be? She engages in it every day. Didn’t they notice? This bi…uh, witch, like Zero (Obama), doesn’t know how to tell the truth, so she tells each group what they want to hear, just as Zero does. And people who accept what she says as “Gospel,’ are surprised when she says something that’s easily proven to be “double-talk.”

TYPICAL LIBERAL “REASONING”: Obama, AND his ignorant accomplices want us to believe some amazingly stupid things! Like telling us that extending unemployment benefits GROWS the economy. Talk about circular reasoning! If that’s true, why don’t we ALL stop looking for work and collect unemployment? Would that make the economy better? I am nonplussed at some of the ignorant things liberals believe, and want us to believe. Like the idea we can “spend ourselves to economic success.” What incompetent FOOLS they be!

PROMOTING DEATH: As a “student of the human condition, I shouldn’t be surprised when people LEGALIZE the MURDER of innocent, unborn infants rather than use a rubber when having sex. I have nothing against abortion as a means to save the mother’s life, but to use MURDER as a substitute for use of a condom when having sex is CRIMINAL. Whatever they think. And people who practice it should be in PRISON.

“BATTLING THE BIBLE”: Atheists have announced a campaign to “battle the Bible” in prisons all over the United States—why? Atheism is, by definition, NOT believing in God or Jesus. But why do they want to stop others from doing so? I guess because atheism is, itself, a religion, and they don’t want competition. It’s the same mindset that drives Muslims to KILL “unbelievers,” people who don’t believe exactly the same way THEY do. Both groups are FOOLS and should be “put down.”

“I’VE GOT A PEN AND CAN USE IT”: “We are not just going to be waiting for legislation in order to make sure that we’re providing Americans the kind of help that they need.” What? Who the hell does this arrogant FOOL think he is? God? King? Dictator? According to law, he needs a little bit more than just a PEN to make laws. He needs the Congress, whether he likes it or not. When he “makes law” by fiat, he is violating the Constitution, the basis for ALL laws and should be impeached; immediately, before he creates a precedent that can’t be reversed.

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