Friday, January 3, 2014

Lawmakers Take Notice

In Colorado we “take no prisoners.” When you make us mad enough, we GET RID of you. That was something recently learned by THREE Colorado legislatures who helped pass too many restrictive anti-gun laws in 2013. All three are gone; two by a recall election, and another quit while we were whomping up anther recall election. The governor is up for re-election, and will not find it so easy as last time to get re-elected. The lesson? Don’t mess with our gun rights!

STUPID PEOPLE: In Norway, a bunch of people put on their bathing suits and jump into icy waters every New Year. I haven’t heard about any of them getting pneumonia and dying from that, but would they publish such numbers if they happened? I think not. Stupid people don’t advertise their stupidity (mostly), Nancy Peelosi aside. But the abject STUPIDITY of such people reinforces I my mind that, until we create some system to eliminate stupid people from voting, we will continue to get such FOOLS in office as Obama and Hillary, and many others I could name.

IT’S INCOMPETENCE, STUPID! People just can’t understand why things like that big train derailment that recently occurred happened. But people who pay attention to politics ALL the time, not just before an election know why. It’s because of the widespread INCOMPETENCE in government. It’s the “Peter Principle” at work (“In a hierarchy, each person rises to his own level of incompetence”). Then the corollary to that compounds it (“After the Peter Principle is at work long enough, incompetence becomes a requirement for employment.”) Now incompetent local politicians are hollering for better regulations from federal incompetent politicians who don’t know what better regulations ARE.

KERRY GETTING LOTS OF “FREQUENT FLYER” MILES: They say that’s part of the job. But that doesn’t mean he can’t collect frequent flyer miles personally. And John Kerry has collected more than Hillary even HOPED to collect, in the short time since he replaced her as the incompetent Secretary of State less than a year ago. Of course, being “filthy rich” himself, he doesn’t need them, but he’ll take them. That’s how people like him STAY rich.

A GATHERING OF LIBERAL FOOLS: Bill De Blasio, the new New York City mayor, was sworn in by disgraced ex-president Bill Clinton and, in addition to his family, was flanked by Hillary Clinton (the butcher of Benghazi), Gov. Andrew Cuomo, former mayor Bloomberg, and many other liberals. “De Blasio thanked his family, supporters and the city for ‘taking on the elite’ and pushing for change.” But he IS “the elite.” What a bunch of FOOLS!

FOOLS THEY BE: Liberals at MSNBC criticize Romney for having ONE black adopted grandchild, but a look at the family of the new New York City (liberal) mayor’s family reveals not ONE adopted black child, but an entire black FAMILY and, I believe, the first huge “fro” I’ve seen in years. Nothing wrong with that, except it makes them the hypocrites they are to criticize Romney for what THEY do. Of course, they’ll call me a racist for calling this to your attention, but I couldn’t care less what liberals call me. It just isn’t important.

TEA PARTY SUPPORTS MINIMUM WAGE? Supporters of the $15 minimum wage CLAIM that the Tea Parties DO support their cause, but that’s a typical liberal LIE. Ask any Tea Party member and they’ll tell you they never have, and never WILL support a $15 minimum wage. Of course, that’s how liberal activists win their contests: LIE, lie, and lie again. And when somebody calls them on their lies, criticize them for calling them on their lies and call them vile names.

LIGHT OR DARK BOOZE? Apparently liberals like clear (white) liquids better than brown liquids, and vice-versa, according to one “researcher.” But that “study” doesn’t mention what side of the political spectrum a person falls on if he doesn’t DRINK liquor at all. Like me. I have nothing against drinking liquor, except I can’t see why people do it. There’s ONE reason for drinking booze: to get drunk. More drunk or less drunk is up to the individual drinker, and, since I don’t like to BE drunk, I don’t drink. What other people do is their business. I’m a “right-winger.” What I don’t like, I don’t DO. I don’t try and stop others doing it as liberals do.

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