Saturday, January 18, 2014

You Can Depend On It

Obama went on television today and said he was going to “cut back” on NSA spying. So you can depend on the fact that it will continue. Any time you hear Obama speak it’s probably a lie—unless it involves something new (we don't like) he’s going to do to us. So as a rule, you can depend on whatever he says to BE a lie. That’s the only way you can get a kernel of truth out of anything he says.

“EAT BEFORE YOU COME”: They’re throwing a big “gala” birthday party for Michelle Obama turning 50, and telling people to “eat before you come.” This is because it’s a private affair and they can’t use taxpayer money to fund it. Obama is a spendthrift with taxpayer money, but he is TIGHT with money when it’s HIS money he’s spending. So now he insults those who come to his patty by telling them to eat before they come. I’d snub his party. But then, I’d snub him ANY time he “invited” me to do anything.

“CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT: The family of one man who was put to death for murder in one state is suing the state because they figure he suffered “cruel and unusual punishment” while they hunted for 20 minutes for a vein to use in injecting him with poison. Frankly, I go through that every time I go to the hospital. Furthermore, I’d bet he didn’t worry about “cruel and unusual punishment” for his victim or victims. Nothing is “cruel and unusual punishment” unless it EXCEEDS what he did to his victim or victims. I think a killer should be executed the same way he killed his victim or victims.

THEY’RE RACIST: The Southern Poverty Law Center calls many people racist, but they’re a racist organization themselves. They don’t want to debate with anybody on the issues, so they just call them racist and go the other way. They know if they attempt to debate, they’ll lose, as do all liberals when they try it.

FAVORITE INTERVIEWS: Karie Couric’s favorite people to interview are Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, N. Korea’s baby dictator, Kim Jong Un, and Mahmoud Ahmadinijad; 4 socialist dictators and mass murderers. I don’t know; maybe she just likes their company. I don’t know why she doesn’t include Bill Clinton on that list; maybe it’s because he’s not a dictator, although he tried hard enough to BECOME one. Maybe she got tired of fighting off his advances. BIll wouldn't let THAT get by if he could help it.

OBAMA UNITED US: He united us against himself. One of his favorite things is hiding bad laws in other laws that are important to pass. Attachments not “vetted” by anybody. He thinks that’s his own idea, but he’s wrong. It’s a con used by politicians since the very first politicians. But then, he’s not smart enough to know that. In fact, like most liberals today, he’s completely INCOMPETENT when it comes to anything except conning his way into office, by hook, crook, or lie.

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