Thursday, January 9, 2014

Income Inequality

Liberals (and Obama) talk a lot about :”income inequality” these days, so you will forget about their efforts to make :income inequality” worse. Worse, that’s just another way to promote their socialist flights of fancy involving STEALING from those who earn AND giving TO THOSE WHO don’t, which is PURE socialism. There are many forms of collectivism, and socialism is just one; communism is another. Don’t fall for their propaganda.

“PUTTING ISRAEL IN HER PLACE”: That’s what one Iran “official” says they need nuclear weapons for. Since when does ISRAEL need to be “put in her place?” Frankly, I think IRAN needs to be put in IT’S place. There is NO REASON why Israel should be destroyed for the benefit if these Muslim terrorists. They CLAIM offenses, but those ”offenses” are in RETALIATION for the Muslim ATROCITIES they committed against Israel.

I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND IT! Why many people still look at Hillary Clinton as a viable presidential candidate. Even if she IS elected, in spite of all her mistakes that resulted in many people dying, she will continue Obama’s policies and it will be like Obama never left. And we don’t want that. There are many good Republican candidates, and liberals have told us who they are by trying their best to demonize them Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, Allen West, are just three of a number of possibles. Do people really WANT to destroy this nation as a world leader?

WE CAN’T AFFORD IT! If Hillary (or anybody like her) manages to get elected to succeed Obama, we can look forward to his policies being continued. You know: the policies that have made the workforce a “part-time workforce” to avoid his policies? That have created MILLIONS in unemployed, while top liberals say that’s a “good thing?” And expect us to BELIEVE it? How INCOMPETENT are these politicians? Liberal policies have caused the BANKRUPTCY of many large cities and will continue to do so as long as we (not me) keep electing them.

SYPHILLIS AND GONORRHEA MAKING A COMEBACK: “Why? I thought we had conquered them!” That’s the reason. People think they aren’t much of a threat any more so they don’t guard against them. Not only that, gay men are afraid to be tested for fear of homophobia. So they’re getting it more and more. The same thing will happen with HIV when they come up with a cure.

THE WAR ON POVERTY: If you look at the numbers, we have LOST the “war on poverty.” There are as many people as a percentage of the whole in poverty now as there were when it started. But the liberals don’t want you to know that. No more than they want you to know that the “war on drugs” is just as much of a failure for the same reason: more people today are abusing drugs than when it started. But they don’t want you to look at that. They want you to only look at their INTENTIONS. They say, “At least we tried!” But “try” doesn’t win the horse race and they’re LOSING. But while losing, they’re profiting.

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