Thursday, January 23, 2014

Should Obama Be Executed?

One Florida legislator thinks so, and that has gotten him in a lot of trouble with liberals. But he’s right. If any president ever rated imprisonment and maybe even “hanging,” it’s “Zero.” He violates the Constitution DAILY and thinks he can make laws WITHOUT Congress. If this is not TREASON, I know not what is. But will it ever happen? Not likely, with all the ignorant people out there who “do not pay attention to politics” and do so PROUDLY. Is a revolution imminent? I hope not. I hope SOMEBODY who can DO something meaningful will soon “wake up” and get rid of this “scourge on the land.”

INCOME INEQUALITY: Liberals like to bandy around such terms as “income inequality” to promote their pipe dreams of socialism, or whatever they call it, currently “progressivism.” “Progressivism” is a euphemism to mean communism or its derivatives. But the only REAL and honest way to change that is by promoting individual productivity, not TAKING from the productive and GIVING to the unproductive, as they suggest. This is their way to fool the public and is the same plan that created communism in Russia and Nazism in Germany.

HE KNOWETH NOT: Of what he speaks. Kevin de-Leon (D-CA) is an ardent anti-gun fool. But he knows NOTHING about guns, as do most anti-gun fools. He doesn’t even know the difference between bullets and magazines as he talks about ”30-magazine clips” in a recent anti-gun rant. If this fool is so ignorant about guns, why is he so adamant about getting rid of them? Ignorance, plus peer pressure, I guess, in California, one of the most virulent anti-gun states in the union.

SHOULD OBAMA BE IMPEACHED? That’s a question that’s asked a lot, and most Americans think he should be impeached, as soon as possible. But so far, nobody has had the gonads to DO anything about it. Meanwhile, Obama (Zero) marches right along, destroying our medical profession and the health insurance profession that accompanies it, ignoring our constitution, the BASIS for ALL our laws, making law “administratively” by issuing “executive orders” that have no effect on anything but the federal government and its personnel, though he’s got too many people convinced they ARE law, for everybody.

“RACIST AND HOMOPHOBIC REMARKS”: That’s what liberals call “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson’s statements. But what they don’t say is that he was only reciting that which is written in the Bible on the subject. Is the Bible then “racist and homophobic?” Or is it still the true word of God? I can’t think of a better way to discredit the Christian religion than to call its BIBLE “racist and homophobic.” Unfortunately for them, both words are phony words, made up to discredit honest people by insinuating their heartfelt opinions are somehow “evil.” But then, who cares what liberals think? I certainly don’t.

NO INVESTIGATION OF IRS SCANDAL: Obama calls it, among all the others, a “phony scandal.” He really thinks we will believe that lie while he works HARD to stop ANY real investigation into it. Just like he’s doing with all the other investigations into his crimes. The IRS has ADMITTED “targeting” groups with names like Tea Party” or “patriot,” or the like for extra harassment, which includes demanding the answers to numerous inane questions, the answers to which are none of their business, before granting them tax-free status, while “whistling through” an application by Obama’s brother for his phony “charity.”

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