Saturday, January 25, 2014

Frack You!

Obama doesn’t like fracking because it will, if he doesn’t destroy it, make him look like the fool that he is. Like the shale oil operation in Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged,” fracking could just make oil and gas exploration in the United States profitable again, in spite of Obama’s efforts to destroy the energy industry, period. His promise to “bankrupt the coal industry” is only part of his “war on energy.” Why is he against energy? Because if he succeeds, he will blame that, and the resulting disruption on capitalism and therefore move us even closer to the socialist “paradise” he envisions for America.

WHO CARES ABOUT HILLARY? The media seems more interested in Hillary Clinton’s health and if she’s going to run for president again in 2016 instead of why she told rescuers to “stand down” while our embassy personnel were being murdered in Benghazi. They’re supposed to be the agents that “kept their feet to the fire” when they did wrong. What happened to that? Since when are they more interested in keeping a damaged candidate viable rather than “go after” the truth about how our president and his then secretary of state CONSPIRED in their deaths.

“OFF THE HOOK”:  The “Little Sisters of the Poor,” whose only purpose in life is helping the poor, refused to go against their religious convictions and provide condoms and were threatened with millions of dollars in fines. They stuck to their guns as contraception is against their religious convictions. After a long time sitting under the hanging sword, Obama’s government finally relented and granted them a waiver, just as if his demands were legal and he actually HAD the right to say "yea or nay.".

ONE SHOTGUN SHELL: Didja hear about the man in DC who was raided by 30 armed, soldier-like cops, he and his children and his lady friend assaulted and cuffed while they tore his house apart looking for guns he didn’t have, and they didn’t find, They did find ONE useless shotgun shell, which they removed on tongs, wearing protective gear. He faces TWO YEARS in prison and a hefty fine for possessing that shotgun shell. This is DC today. Talk about overdoing it! But this is “jack-booted thug America.”

ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY: There has been a shooting at a Maryland mall. Results show it was a “targeted shooting,” killing two, then himself. But they’re so afraid, they’re taking HOURS to “inspect” for explosives and other threats and haven’t even TOUCHED the shooter’s body with anything but an explosives sniffing robot. I predict, when the dust settles, it will be found to be a “family dispute” or lover’s quarrel.

OFF LIFE SUPPORT: Remember that pregnant brain dead woman they were keeping alive in life support until her baby comes to term? Courts have ordered the hospital to remove it on her own request (when she was alive). The same kind of people who love baby killing in abortion whine about “giving that child a chance to live.” What hypocrites they are! They murder thousands of babies every day, then use the "let the baby live" whine when they want to stop a brain dead woman from being taken off life support.

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