Saturday, January 4, 2014

"Most Admired"

By liberals only. Just to show you how ignorant most Americans are, Gallup shows the “most admired people” in America to be Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. I guess these fools could gun someone down on national television and their dedicated fools who pay no attention to politics would still admire them. I guess it just isn’t important to them that these two cooperated to get four of our embassy people MURDERED IN Benghazi by taking away their security and refusing to send help (that was available and could have gotten there in time) when they were attacked. I guess killing people doesn’t count.

“CELEBRATING” 1/15TH OF GOAL: The Obama thugs are “celebrating ONE MILLON “sign-ups” to Obamacare, something people are REQUIRED, by law to sign up for. That’s roughly ONE-FIFTH of what they SAID it would be. And they’re “celebrating?” What are they celebrating? Almost total failure? And the figures are fudged to get that many. Obama will never admit it, but that unconstitutional law will NEVER succeed in doing what he SAID it would do. But it WILL succeed in doing what HE planned for it to do, and that is so screw up our economy he can move us into socialism while blaming the free market for the failure.

ON FUTILE GESTURES: Israel is releasing eight Palestinian Islamic terrorists who were convicted of bloody murder in hopes of restarting “talks” between themselves and the Palestinians. How many times do these people need to go through this kind of charade before they figure out it’s just a con on the part of the Palestinians to “buy time” to kill more Israelis? Damn, I hate gullible politicians who get people killed because they’re STUPID.

RACISM PERSONIFIED: They published a picture of former presidential candidate Romney and his family, which included one black adopted child—and liberals everywhere whined in anguish. They CALL conservatives racists, but THEY are the REAL racists. Only a racist would object to a picture of a good man who adopted a black child. So now liberals can get off our backs; but they won’t. They’re “brain dead” when it comes to logic.

CALL THE COMEDY POLICE: A shipful of “global warming” “scientists,” who went to Antarctica to “study the effects of global WARMING on Antarctica by going to a place where there WASN’T any ice at the first of the 20th Century got…wait for it…stuck in the ice and now need rescuing. They may have been rescued by the time this appears, but this makes for a lot of late-night comedy jokes. And you can bet the comedians will grab them. (giggle, giggle!)

I hate to make light of the death of a man, but I must in this case. Remember the guy who shot and killed the head of Colorado’s prisons? I guess he can blame his death on himself, since it was his prison system that paroled his killer FOUR YEARS EARLY. So I can’t really feel too sorry for him. It’s a case of his “chickens coming home to roost.” Most bureaucrats don’t suffer from their mistakes. The only people who usually do are US. I’m just sorry that pizza delivery guy had to die because of that mistake.

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