Monday, January 20, 2014

Trying to Hide Benghazi

Greta Van Susteren said it. Right after Benghazi the feds tried “HARD’ to stop Fox from reporting on Benghazi. Why do you suppose that is? First they eliminated Fox from all the press briefings on Benghazi. Then they tried to belittle their reporting; then they tried to shut up Jennifer Griffin, who was reporting strongly (and factually) on Benghazi. They told Greta to advise her to “lighten up” to “save her career.” This would not have been able to happen if the rest of the press corps had done their job. This is how Zero works.

ARRESTED FOR HOLDING A SIGN: Cops in Frisco, Texas, arrested a man for holding a sign that said, “Police Ahead,” thus warning drivers about a “speed trap” ahead. And they had to “trump up” a charge to do that. There isn’t even a law against warning people about law enforcement, which, itself, might be even more of an inhibition to speed than the cop himself. But it wouldn’t add to the cops’ treasury by allowing them to write tickets, so it must go. They cuffed him and treated him like a criminal. The charge they put on him was a “violation of the sign ordinance.” That pretty well proves it was a “retaliation arrest.”

TWISTING REALITY: Vladmir Putin,(former KVD boss), Russian president, says, “Gays are welcome, but they should leave children alone.” Which promotes a false analogy that gays ALL favor sex with little boys. Only a certain segment of gays like little boys. Another segment likes little girls. But ALL gays do NOT like to have sex with children. I really get tired of politicians (here and abroad) twisting the facts to suit their fancies,

DOES THIS GUY EVER WEAR CLOTHES? I’ve seen Richard Simmons in many places, on many shows, and he’s always wearing tiny shorts and a tank top, Does he EVER wear clothes? I think I saw him wearing a suit ONCE. And I’m not sure about THAT. The guy LOOKED like Simmons, but he’s hard to recognize wearing clothes.

GIVING INFO TO FELONS: Would you be willing to give your personal information, information that can enable somebody to BECOME you in opening money accounts and getting loans in your name, therefore ruining your credit record and causing you all kinds of trouble? Then don’t go on Obama’s Obamacare web site and try to “sign up” for his overpriced, overblown health insurance. In just New Mexico alone, one in seven of his “facilitators” are on the cops’ NCIC criminal register. How many from other states are likewise?

CYBER INCOMPETENCE: The Obama administration has proven itself to be incompetent in many ways, so I suppose it’s not surprising to find out they’re cyber incompetent.” Their web site, among other shortcomings, has no way for them to track how many people have actually “signed up” for their health care insurance swindle. Amazon, who runs a similar web site, can tell you the color of the shoelaces each customer is wearing and when was the last time they went to the potty. They can even predict buying patterns so they can have your next purchase on your doorstep almost instantly. So why can’t Obama do that?

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