Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Socialism Is Robbery

It’s a social and economic system that is BASED completely on STEALING from somebody who has EARNED and GIVING that stolen to those who have NOT earned it. If I reached over and TOOK something that was YOUR PROPERTY you would get angry and probably call the cops if you didn’t just beat the hell out of me and take it back. But when the GOVERNMENT does it, you might even approve of it if you believe in socialism, especially when some of the loot comes YOUR way. That’s WRONG, all the time. No matter what you call it.

WHICH MEANS, NONE: “The National Security Administration won’t say whether or not they spy on members of Congress, only noting that the elected representatives enjoy the ‘same privacy protections as all U.S. persons.’ “ Which means, NONE. Apparently nobody in the United States has ANY “expectation of privacy” from the prying eyes of the NSA, and that INCLUDES Congress. If that isn’t evidence that we are becoming a police state, I don’t know what is.

WIENER’S AT IT AGAIN: Anthony Weiner, the politician who thinks pictures of his penis are worth more than his political career is at it again.  Sending pictures of it ruined his political career—twice—because he couldn’t seem to keep from sending pictures of it out, and now he has done it again. I guess he figures his penis is the best part of him, and I tend to agree. The rest of him isn't much. If he must do that, he should only do it to people who WANT to see it.

WHAT A LOAD! "Entrepreneurs don't do it for the money." That's what a spokesman for just about the biggest furniture store chain in Colorado said in a recent ad. He gave that as the reason they could undercut everybody else, and he's WRONG! Entrepreneurs do it ONLY for the money. What else IS there? Do they invest their money and all their time to make things easier for OTHERS? Not a chance. They have a good product THEY bought for less and sell a LOT of it. Therefore, they can sell it for less. Charity has no part in it. It’s business.

DENNIS RODMAN IS STUPID: As were the “Tories” who wanted to remain subjects of the English King. One day, Kim will tire of him and feed him to his dogs, like he did his uncle. What contributes to the stupidity of such people? Becoming rich too quickly without enough work. That gives them a twisted view of what’s right. And Rodman is an excellent illustration of that. He completely ignores Kim’s bloody hands as if it didn’t happen.

YOU CAN DEPEND ON OBAMA: To lie, when the truth would serve better.He lied about where he was born. He lied about his academic credentials. And now he uses the power of the presidency to maintain those lies. He lies about lying. He has spent millions (maybe billions) of OUR dollars to protect those lies while he tells many more lies. How do you tell when Obama is lying? His mouth is moving and sounds are coming out. I don’t think Obama knows HOW to tell the truth. We all thought Bill Clinton was a good liar, but Obama puts him to shame—and Hillary is a close second. Maybe one day somebody is going to “grow a pair” and call him on all his lies,. But I don’t think that’s going to come in my lifetime, which is going to be a lot shorter if Obama has anything to do with it—and he will.

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