Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sharon Dies

Israel is mourning the death of “The Bulldozer.” The man who was both a hero and a villain to Israelis. His body stopped functioning recently, but in reality, he died 8 years ago when he had a major stroke that left him in a coma, from which he never came back. It’s too bad, but he WAS 85. He was 77 when he had that stroke and, to all intents and purposes he died then, but his body was kept alive until his systems shut down. I wonder how much money Israel spent for that.

FORGET CAPITALISM, EMBRACE SOCIALISM: A recent survey of young people shows that they think we should stop embracing capitalism and instead embrace socialism. That shows their complete IGNORANCE of what is good for them. They want a system based on THEFT from the PRODUCERS of new wealth to give to the NON-PRODUCERS. People who can’t or WON’T earn for themselves. That they haven’t been ALIVE long enough to know what’s right goes without saying. Otherwise, they wouldn’t buy into that socialist crap.

RODMAN WAS DRUNK: Remember has-been former basketball player/self-appointed ambassador to N. Korea Dennis Rodman? The fool who has “cozied up” to bloody dictator Kim Jong Un? The guy who “went off” on a reporter because he didn’t like the questions? Well, it turns out he was drunk (by his own admission) when he did it. I think something’s wrong in the brain of this fool to ignore the ATROCITIES Kim has committed and is STILL committing. We need to take his passport away while he is in N. Korea so he has to stay there and live under the system he so loves.

CRIMINALIZING SKINNY MODELS: Have you seen some of the models out there today? It’s a shame they must starve themselves to be able to get work. And now they want make laws against it. I agree it’s not a good thing, but is it really something lawmakers need to be wasting time on with all the other IMPORTANT things out there to take up their time? Why are they wasting their time on this “piffle” issue? To keep our minds off Obama’s crimes, I suppose.

GATES: “OBAMA DOESN’T OWN WAR”: He says the atmosphere in Washington for him was “poisonous” under the Obama regime and Obama ("Zero") didn’t want to “own” the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yes, he “inherited” the wars, but since they were there, he should have at least TRIED to win them, instead of “cutting and running” after announcing a “date certain” for running out so the terrorists could just “lay low” until then, and then resume their killing ways.

NO NEGOTIATING ON IRAN: Obama seems determined to “negotiate” a peaceful settlement of the enmity between Iran and Israel. But it will never happen. Iran hates Israel with a passion and will keep trying to become a nuclear power so it can DO AWAY with Israel. It has said so in the past and has never reversed itself. Negotiations are simply a way to “fend off” those people who want to stop them. It is USELESS to negotiate with them.

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