Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Piling On

I don’t know if it’s true, but I do notice that it is a DEMOCRAT mayor alleging that Christie withheld Hurricane Sandy money until she approved a real estate deal he was interested in. In addition, and right after the “traffic” scandal that made so much noise, and I smell a “political killing” in the offing. Christie has been mentioned many times as a top 2016 presidential candidate. Running true to form, Democrats all over are accusing him of everything, right up to tying his shoes wrong. They hope to kill his chances any way they can.

STILL PUSHING THE BLACK THING: Obama (Zero) is still telling people that “some people don’t like me because I’m black.” When is he going to get off that schtick? He got elected BECAUSE he was black; and he’s only HALF black. He’s as much white as he is black He CHOOSES to be black for the advantage it gives him in the political game. If we were really as racist as he claims, he would never have been elected. The fool thinks we still believe that crap. He just can’t understand that his offensive POLICIES might be the reason.

“INNOCENT BLOOD?” The Russians whose recently released video threatens the Sochi Games, say it is “for the innocent Muslim blood spilled all over the world.” What a bunch of bulldung THAT is! The only “innocent” Muslim blood being spilled is as a result of GUILTY Muslims killing innocent people to prove their point that we should ALL be Muslims. THEY kill more innocent people than we possibly could!

MORE RIGHTS THAN INNOCENT PEOPLE? I don’t have a RIGHT to a sex change operation paid for by the government (not that I’d want one), so why does one court think a convicted MURDERER has that right just because he is in prison? They think it is “hard, psychologically” on him to have to live as a man. So what? He’s a MURDERER! Who cares about his “sensitivities?” Just say NO.

MEAN, PARTISAN GOP: That’s what Zero calls it when the Republicans won’t let go and let him rape the nation with his health care swindle law. He just doesn’t credit the Republicans with having serious problems with that socialist program that victimizes young, healthy people to pay for the health care for the old. He just has to impute “impure motives” into anything Republicans do.

IRAN SCAMMING US: They agreed to turn off SOME of their centrifuges to “buy time” to finish what they started while conning us into lifting some of our sanctions in the bargain. And we bought it. Everybody knows they’re scamming us, but our incompetent, stupid politicians, led by “Zero,” refuse to know that. They can turn those centrifuges back on in DAYS, and they don’t really need them to be operational right now. But they can sure use the money and the freedom to operate.

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