Monday, December 23, 2013

There's NO Security

According to a computer security expert, Obama’s web site you’re FORCED to use to “sign up” for the health insurance you’re FORCED to use or be FORCED to pay a fine does not meet even the MINIMUM standards required by web sites in private enterprise to protect customers’ private information. Yet ANOTHER reason to STAY AWAY from it. At ALL costs. The whole thing is a fraud, anyway.

MUZZLING STATES: The State of Oregon has been given its “marching orders” from the Obama regime; They have been given $BILLIONS to promote Obamacare in their state while being told that ANY word against Obamacare would result in them being “cut off” from that money. I don’t expect this to be the last time Obama’s “regime” does this. Obama wants NO negative comments from ANYONE about his “landmark” health care SWINDLE.

TYPICAL ACTOR STUPIDITY: Leonardo DiCaprio recently played a (Hollywood version) of a “big businessman” in a movie, from which he made “many bucks.” Then he goes out and “bad-mouths” big business, saying the kind of man he played in this movie (produced by big business) demonstrates “everything that is wrong with this country.” Of course, he forgets entirely that it is big business that is the reason why HE is “filthy rich” today. Actually, “big business” is what’s RIGHT with this country but he’s too damned dumb to know that.

“AFFLUENZA” DEFENSE STUPID: It’s about the stupidest defense I have ever seen an ignorant judge buy.. A “privileged kid” who was never taught there are CONSEQUENCES for his acts gets that teaching reinforced in COURT after he negligently KILLS four people. A spoiled brat whose parents never taught him to take responsibility for his actions is STILL not taught that when the court “gives him a pass” because of it. He should be heading for PRISON but he will only have to go to see a probation officer once a week for ten years. That judge should be hung by the heels or any other convenient appendage.

BUREAUCRATIC INCOMPETENCE: One federal employee fooled his bosses for TEN YEARS, making them think he worked or the CIA one day a week, so they gave him that day off, WITH PAY., paid for his vacations, and even allowed him to stay away from work one time for SIX MONTHS, while paying him. It took them TEN YEARS to find him out. This is incompetence of the highest order on the part of his bosses and THEY should be fired for stupidity.

YOU GOTTA BE A LIBERAL: People like Martin Bashir, an ultra-liberal (former) personality on ultra-liberal MSNBC network said somebody ought to crap in Sarah Palin’s (conservative) mouth and nobody but conservatives even NOTICED. He only got forced to resign because he went a little too far and almost cost them their last two viewers. Russell Brand (liberal) advocates STEALING money from the rich and giving it to him and nobody (but conservatives) said a word. Which clearly shows the double-standard of the left. Which they will deny to their dying breath. Why do I call him a liberal? Because only liberals say such STUPID things.

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