Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It doesn't Make Sense

IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE: That could be said for many things (mostly unnecessary) about Obama’s health care swindle law. One, how do you squeeze all the new things DEMANDED by ObamaCare into your old plan without a huge rate hike?  That’s like trying to squeeze ten pounds of toothpaste into a one pound tube. Then there’s his plan to get as many young and healthy people as possible into the scam to bring enough money to pay for the older people. Then he allows youngsters to stay on the parent's plan until age 26! Thereby cutting in HALF the number of young, healthy people in the plan. Not the best planning, is it? But this is GOVERNMENT, remember?

WAL-MART PROPAGANDA ABOUNDS: Now they’re saying Wal-Mart’s taking up a “food campaign” for its own employees, which suggests they don’t pay them enough. But that’s a LOAD! Wal-Mart pays its workers a lot more than other comparable stores, while it has the lowest sales prices. What they hate is that Wal-Mart WORKERS routinely reject unionization. They SAY it’s the COMPANY that rejects unions. But paying their people more WITHOUT unions is key. What do you need a union for to leech off your employees when you pay them better without it?

BETTER TREATMENT” LOWER COST? BS: That's what Obama is promising, but just TRY and go to the Mayo Clinic or another “top of the line” hospital and see what happens. Getting it done will he harder than a stone. They SAY there are “no death panels” and there are not, per se. But there are bureaucrats everywhere that get between you and your doctor, telling him want he can prescribe and what he can’t, what hospitals you may or may not visit what treatments he may use, etc. Such decisions may or may not mean DEATH for you, but they don’t care. It’s not themselves they’re dooming.

PHOTO OP: There’s a “news item” about Obama “dropping in” to a well-known (in Washington) bookstore with his two daughters and making a few purchases. You KNOW that’s a lie; the president doesn’t “drop in” anywhere. The Secret Service has probably been preparing for this “visit” for a week and so have the people manning the cameras to make Obama look like “just one of the guys” out shopping with his daughters.

AN OLD COMMIE TRICK: To create a political statement: Scoop up some schmuck off the street (one who wasn’t smart enough to stay out of that country), preferably one so old he can’t withstand torture very much, and get him to make a detailed “confession” (in your words) in front of the cameras in “court,” as you “sentence” him to long years in prison. Then later (maybe) you let him go in a “gesture of good faith” to America (if he’s still alive, that is). They really think they’re fooling someone, just as the old commies did.

THE KRAUTHAMMER DOCTRINE: Celebrated columnist Charles Krauthammer is the author of the “Reagan Doctrine” that said to Russia, “Just because you took the country in battle, doesn’t mean you get to keep it.” His own “doctrine” is, “If the treatment you are giving is killing the patient, stop the treatment.” As a doctor, he ought to know. But apparently Obama doesn’t. The treatment he is giving America is killing America, but he will not only not stop it, he “doubles down.” When the patient dies, he will say, “My fault? No, it’s Bush’s fault.

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