Saturday, December 28, 2013

Health Care Doubling Act

Obama calls his law the “Affordable Care Act.” That’s another of his LIES. It DOES NOT make health care “affordable.” It has, so far, routinely DOUBLED health care costs for all Americans that were already too high. And that’s by design. He purposely ADDED so many UNNECESSARY things to the “bottom line” of ALL plans that there is NO WAY insurers can deliver what he DEMANDS at the same price. You know, things like free condoms, abortion coverage, and birth coverage for 96-year-old MEN.

HIGHER DEDUCTIBLES: Higher deductibles mandated by Obama’s health care swindle law make the so-called “insurance” delivered under his plan WORTHLESS. Plans are common that have THOUSAND DOLLAR deductibles. Which means that, for everyday health care, you have NO insurance and they’re charging you a lot more money UP FRONT for it. Meanwhile, doctors and hospitals are charging impossible rates for everything to everybody, to make up for the losses they suffer when an “insured patient” has insurance that does not pay off.

JESSE HORNING IN: As usual, Jesse Jerkson is horning in on whatever is making news today. That’s how he makes his money. He’s now saying Phil Robertson, Cracker Barrel, and others involved should come to one of his “charities” and meet at their office: The “Rainbow Coalition,” or whatever he calls it. And I’m sure he will make it plain that if they give him a “donation,” he won’t call them racists.

ARAFAT: NATURAL DEATH: Palestinians have long accused Israel of radiation poisoning in the death of Yasser Arafat, one of the main leaders in their death campaign against Israel. But it has now been established that Arafat’s death was a natural death, and he was not poisoned. Actually, that sounds more like what the Palestinians would do. Terrorists are good at accusing their enemies of the very things THEY do.

OUTLAW MUSLIM EXREMIST ORGS.: Egypt has done the right thing: it has OUTLAWED the “Muslim Brotherhood,” making holding a top position in that outfit a death sentence offense. This ought to happen to Muslim extremists all over the world, making it harder for them to infiltrate the governments of many countries, including ours. They call us “racists” and “Islamaphobes” (a made-up word with no real meaning) for criticizing them, but they are NOT a “religion,” NOR a “race.” They need to be outlawed and their leaders imprisoned or killed.

‘ “TIS GOOD FOR US, NOT FOR YOU”: There’s a picture of Santa Claus being punched in the face by an obvious Muslim thug making the rounds. So what? We know they hate everything we love. But if you posted a similar picture of Mohammed being punched in the face by Santa, somebody would be killed. But then, who asked me? Another good idea is that Muslim lying unconscious on the ground with many reindeer prints going over him and sleigh prints running over him. they don't worry about "dissing" our icons, but want to kill you if you dis one of theirs.

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