Thursday, November 21, 2013

"Great Americans?"

Being given the “Medal of Freedom” is supposed to say you are a “great American.” Which is why Bill Clinton doesn’t deserve even this worthless “honor.” Clinton is the only president to be impeached in memory, even though he was not convicted by the Senate because he knew where the bodies were buried—and maybe even buried a few himself. That this man is considered a “great American” is a travesty. I expect Obama will get one after he is no longer in office, too (and that may be never), because they give those out like candy.

SPOCK WAS RIGHT: I don’t know if Star Trek’s Spock ever actually said this, but it is attributed to him. “Logic dictates…that if the pro-gun people were as violent as the anti-gunners say they are, there would be no anti-gunners left.” Spock was known to be extremely logical: logical to a fault. And he was right most of the time. He’s right in this instance, too.

AFGHANISTAN WANTS TO TRY AMERICANS: They want to be able to try American soldiers for “murder” of civilians in Afghanistan. At the same time they want to stop American soldiers from going into houses in Afghanistan without their approval. The very place where Islamic terrorists HIDE is in those houses. They want our help, but they want to put restrictions on us that make the job impossible. Meanwhile, the restrictions we place upon OURSELVES also work to make their job impossible. Such as giving armed terrorists “the first shot” before we can return fire. Really STUPID “rules of conduct.

WRONG! Senator (retired) Bill Richardson said, “Obama has done Jimmy Carter a favor. He’s no longer the worst president in recent history.” WRONG! It’s Bill Clinton who did him that favor. He became the SECOND worst president when Bill was elected and is now the THIRD worst president in memory. It really amazes me how they ignore Bill’s impeachment and his “skirt-chasing” while in office. This is a good example of “changing history.”

THE “HELP” OF A MARINE: It has always amused me that when a president “lays the wreath” on the tomb of the unknown soldier, there’s always a Marine holding it up, while the president only puts his hands on it. The Marine bears the weight of it. Are they afraid the president can’t bear its weight? Maybe it’s only right and proper for a Marine to “bear the weight,” since the Marines (and members of other services) are responsible for “bearing the weight” of so many presidential decisions.

“KILLING CIVILIANS” IN AFGHANISTAN: The Afghan government couldn’t survive without our help. But they are making us (Obama) apologize for “killing civilians” with his “drone strikes.” What ARE “civilians” in Afghanistan? How do you tell the difference between them and the terrorists? Maybe when they point guns at you. Or are KNOWN to have committed terrorist acts. Karzai won’t even let us go into people’s houses to find terrorists, and that’s where they hide—with those “civilians” (willingly or unwillingly) shielding them. We need to tell Karzai to either “lighten up” or “we’re gone.”

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