Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"We Knew He Lied!"

But he had to in order to fool us into accepting ObamaCare (according to one Democrat Senator), which mandated free rubbers, free birth control, free pregnancy and free abortion, which he promised NOT to cover (which I don’t need, and nor does a 90-year-old grandmother). Typically, it’s “one fits ALL” government, which we don’t need. But which we all have to pay for. And covering “pre-existing conditions” is MADNESS. But you’ll never convince a liberal, who thinks we can SPEND ourselves to prosperity with other people's money. And these incompetent fools are running things.

CRUEL & UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT: They’re in the sentencing phase of the trial of Austin Sygg, the teenager who murdered, then dismembered a small girl, Jessica Ridgeway. They’re arguing that life in prison for a teenager is “cruel and unusual punishment.” I disagree. A murderer is a murderer WHATEVER his age. To ever think of this piece of trash EVER being a free man again makes me want to consider murder. Nothing less than a DEATH sentence for such a person is good enough for this piece of crap. Death is not “cruel and unusual punishment” for somebody like him. He didn’t think it was “cruel and unusual” to do what he did. I don’t care how young he was when he murdered and dismembered that little girl. A killer is evil no matter how young.

GANG RAPING A 3-YEAR-OLD: Can you imagine being EVIL enough to gang-rape a THREE-year-old girl? I can: the “Islamic authorities” who condone such evil actions. They SAY that old men can’t “marry” anyone younger than 17, but they repealed that law after other evil Muslims protested so they could screw girls younger than that. Such people should not be allowed to LIVE, let alone run countries.

THE BRAIN DEAD LIBERAL ELITE: What’s the first thing an elite liberal does when you question them OR their “hero,” Barack Obama? They instantly fall back on that unanswerable accusation that you’re a racist. Never mind he was elected president—TWICE. Never mind he is as much white as he is black, but CHOOSES to be black for the advantage it gives him in the minds of the brain-dead liberals and their dupes. Never mind his policies have put us in great danger (from the extremist Muslims he favors at every turn); that he has caused us to be BANKRUPT by spending all the money there IS, and is in the process of counterfeiting more at the rate of $86 BILLION ever MONTH. We’re RACIST to bring that up. They can't answer our charges, and that’s all they have.

OBAMA OMITS “UNDER GOD”: He read the Gettysburg Address and omitted the words, “under God,” as all good liberals do. Of course, Obama has TWO reasons to omit God from EVERYTHING. One, he's a liberal; Two, he is a Muslim BELIEVER, whether or not he is an actual Muslim. His every action regarding Muslims proves it. You don’t have to believe me alone. Obama will tell you by his actions. Just Google “Obama” and “Muslim” and you’ll get some surprising results.

THE MOST DEPRAVED PEOPLE OUT THERE: Muslims call the West “perverted” and “evil.” But they have proven to be the most perverted and evil people on the planet. They INSIST that their adult women be covered from head to toe and let ANY man beat a woman who shows so much as an ankle in public. Children are exempt from this, and they lust after those children (See the item above about them gang-raping a 3-year-old girl). They recently made a law against sex with anybody under 17 but it was repealed after much protest from other Muslims who wanted to still be able to ‘MARRY” children as young as 3. Additionally, they have a “temporarily marriage” provision that allows them to marry a whore or even a child and get a “divorce” the next morning by simply going out and yelling, “I divorce thee!” 3 times, therefore abiding by their perverted laws. And they call US depraved! What FOOLS!

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