Monday, December 9, 2013

Treaties Can't Do It

Obama thinks he can “override” the Constitution by signing the United Nations Anti-Gun Treaty. He can’t. NO treaty can be instituted that violates the Constitution. He thinks he can “get around” the Constitution’s provisions about gun ownership by signing that treaty. To attempt to do so is unlawful and he should be forcefully reminded of that. Too bad there is no PENALTY for violating the Constitution.

SUDDEN ATTACKS: There have been a rash of sudden attacks on strangers recently. So far, mostly in New York City, that involves walking up on a man (or woman) on the street and “punching him out.” These attacks have been known to be fatal. And those doing it say they’re “doing it for fun.” (For FUN!) One of these guys needs to run into someone with quick reflexes who “punches HIM out.” This is another example of today’s complete LACK of reverence for human life that began with the legalizing of the murder of innocent children in the womb.

ANOTHER LIE: The Obama administration KNEW when they promised it that they could NOT “fix” the ObamaCare web site by the 30th of November. But he promised it, anyway. Anybody with INTELLIGENCE knew it would be impossible to meet such a deadline, but apparently our president, who is “all-knowing, all seeing,” didn’t know it—or was LYING about it. My money is on the latter, knowing his predisposition to LIE about everything and blame somebody else for his problems..

WHAT REPUBLICANS COULD WIN THE PRESIDENCY? There are at least THREE in my mind, but they’ll have to do it without the help of the Republican Party because these people FRIGHTEN them. They think they are unelectable because the Democrats have them completely demonized. This is because they are the only Republicans willing to tell the TRUTH. Those three are Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, and Ted Cruz. My favorite is Palin. But I’d happily accept either of the others.

I DON’T UNDERSTAND: Why people object to the Pope being personal friends with a Jewish Rabbi. Pope Francis was a good friend to Rabbi Abraham Skorka. They have worked together for years on interfaith communication. The Pope does many things other Catholics don’t like. Such as not always wearing red shoes and praying with Skorka in a synagogue. But why? All that is, is man’s rules, not God’s. In any case, the Pope makes God’s rules in the Catholic church. I still don’t understand people’s enmity for members of a different church. Everybody has the right to worship as he wishes without criticism from others. Even Muslims.. That’s as it should be, and people who criticize people, especially the Pope, for it are fools.

WHY THEN, DO I DISS ISLAM? Because I do not believe Islam is a religion. They’ll HATE me for that, and want to kill me for having the temerity to SAY it. And that’s the main thing I hold against them. I would have nothing against them if they didn’t want to KILL people who didn’t believe the exact same way they do. That’s not religion, it’s politics. I believe Islam is a political system masquerading as a religion so they can claim certain rights available to ALL religions. Men of God (under whatever name) do not kill innocent people in the name of their Lord (Allah). Religious people don’t KILL people who leave their religion. Do I worry about Muslims wanting to kill me for what I say? No; I’m 76. If they did, they’d just be rushing the inevitable and wasting their time.

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