Saturday, December 21, 2013

Desperately Searching

Obama is getting so desperate to make his health care swindle work that he is now recruiting BARTENDERS to “talk it up to drunks” who no longer are able to think. He’s asking preachers to push it on their pulpits, taxi drivers to “talk it up” to their captive audiences in their back seats, even radio hosts to do so to their audiences (which is unlikely to increase that already being pushed by liberal hosts, but is unlikely to see any by conservative hosts, who are a little smarter). Meanwhile his mouthpieces are telling us there IS no PR push to help Obamacare. Bullcrap.

ORDERING THE WORLD AROUND: Barack Hussein Obama seems to have a strange idea of what the authority of the president allows him to do when he attempts to ORDER flags all over the United States to lower their flags to half-staff in honor of that murdering terrorist, Nelson Mandela. One county sheriff in South Carolina told him to “go to hell.” Well, maybe not in so many words, but he DID refuse the “order.” I don’t know what arrogance makes Obama think he can “order” state officials around, but somebody needs to straighten him out.

TWO-TIER MEDICINE: Yes, Cuba does have one of the finest medical systems going—but it isn’t available to the average Cuban. It’s only available to Castro, his friends, certain world leaders, and others who have MONEY. Apparently that’s the kind of medical system we’re heading for in America, according to Ezekiel Emanuel, one of the “architects” of Obamacare. He says, “Yes, you can keep the doctor you want, if you can PAY for it. Obamacare was supposed to make it BETTER. Apparently it’s making it WORSE while empowering Obama and his cronies.

COMMUNISM PERSONIFIED: I know; the very mention of communism makes most people’s eyes “glaze over.” They think communism died when it failed in Russia. It did NOT. There are yet MANY communist (collectivist) regimes left, best known is Cuba, where communism is propped up by other communist regimes, such as Argentina’s. And there are numerous fools who want to push collectivism (communism, socialism, Fascism, Progressivism) on us. Obama for one. His “signature cause,” Obamacare, is PURE COMMUNISM. It relies on the money from FORCING young people, who don’t need health care as a rule, to finance the insurance for older people, who do. Why people whose opinions count don’t realize this and SAY so, is beyond me. I guess “the fix is in.

SANTA-CLAUSIFICATION OF MANDELA: Nelson Mandela is the SECOND deadly bloody terrorist to have gotten the Nobel Peace Prize. Yasser Arafat came before him, though there was never as much of a world-wide effort to deify him as there is with Mandela.” Maybe because he was so ugly. This quote came from Cornel West. I hate to quote him, but he’s right. Mandela is responsible for many bloody deaths, by his followers and “believers,” following his example. He spent almost 30 years in the clink for his atrocities, not for his opinions, but how he expressed them. They want us to believe he’s a saint. I’m not nearly that much of a fool.

WHERE THE HELL DOES DISNEY GET OFF? A customer tried to access the “Clash Daily” web site, which is a decidedly “right wing” web site, saying it is a “questionable” web site, according to them, and they BLOCKED access. Where the hell do they get off deciding which web sites are “questionable?” That raises the question, “In whose opinion? And, “Who has a RIGHT to express that opinion by blocking access to a web site that champions freedom, the free market, smaller government, and many other things that intelligent people ought to champion?” If I were that person, I’d “flip Disney off” and do no more business with them.

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