Friday, December 13, 2013

The Truth Is Out

The whole Obama health care swindle DEPENDS on collecting money from young people who don’t NEED health care to pay for the health care for old folks who do. In other words. Take money from young people by FORCING them to sign up or fining them and use it to pay for health care for others. That IS collectivism (socialism, communism, etc.). The truth is OUT! They can no longer deny it because it has been ANNOUNCED! I don’t know about you, but I want NO PART of socialism, in ANY form.

SORRY ABOUT YESTERDAY: I had way too much to do and simply didn't get it all done. Thus, no new posts. That happens sometimes. I had appointments with TWO doctors; one my regular doctor's regular appointment, and the other with my eye doctor who is trying valiantly (with only partial success, I might add) to solve my eye problem. At least I can keep the right eye open (mostly) without much pain. Hopefully soon those problems will be over.

LET HIM DO IT: Remember when Toronto Mayor Ford “went after” somebody in the gallery who said something he didn’t like? He was stopped by “cooler heads” after he knocked a woman over as he “steamed” toward that person. They should have let him go and really do something stupid. He’s have either committed a felony or gotten himself knocked on his butt. Doesn’t matter which. He’d be in “deep doo-doo” either way. This is a good example of the low-class. Low quality people running things today. Yes, this is in Canada. But our local politicians are just as corrupt, though not as outspoken. Example: Obama, who doesn’t “go after them.” He just sends the IRS after them later.

WHAT A BUNCH OF DAMNED FOOLS! As if they didn’t have enough REAL things to complain about, people are now complaining about Santa’s fighter jet escort we’re pretending he has. What about N. Korea’s nuclear bomb? How about Iran’s? Or Obama spending more money than there IS while fighting to REMOVE completely any limits on his ability to spend more? What about his “gun-running” activities in Mexico and Syria? Damn, they do a good job of diverting our attention from his crimes! And we (not me) cooperate readily.

ANOTHER ATROCITY IN LIBYA: A well-known and well-liked teacher in Libya; who called himself “Libya’s best friend,” was shot and killed in a “drive-by shooting” on the street the other day, which should be a signal to other Americans to GET OUT of that country. NOW. They CLAIM to be our friends, but that would come as a surprise to this latest victim of Libyan thuggery and to the four embassy people killed there in Benghazi with the help of our president, Secretary of State, and the government of Libya.

CONVINCED NOT TO GET INSURANCE: Obama’s ridiculing organizations that want to keep young people from getting health care insurance. But, as usual, he’s twisting it. They’re not trying to keep them from getting insurance, they’re trying to get them to be able to make up their OWN minds about who to buy it from while he wants EVERYBODY to buy it from HIM. What part of “your insurance is CRAP” and a CON don’t you understand, Barack?

KILLING JOBS: Everything Obama does kills jobs. The recent push to raise wages for hamburger flippers and French fry boilers to $15 an hour is way behind Obama’s plans. He has already made it impossible to hire ANYONE without it costing $10.50 an hour, no matter what they do. He is doing everything POSSIBLE to inhibit hiring while PRETENDING to be a “job-creator.” Who does he think he’s fooling? People who pay no attention to politics, of course!

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