Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What The Hell?

Liberals are giving Rush Limbaugh a hard time for “attacking the Pope.” So what? Rush has the right to attack ANYBODY when he (or she) promotes collectivism. As usual, they accuse HIM of attacking the Pope by challenging him on his stand about, ”unfettered capitalism,” which he never said anything about. Reuters SAID he talked about “unfettered capitalism” in their translation of what he said. But, whatever; Rush has the “unfettered RIGHT” to criticize ANYBODY who preaches collectivism, (or socialism, or any of its other aliases). You people who think he hasn’t, can go to hell.

“UNFETTERED CAPITALISM”: In any case, where does the left get off CRITICIZING “unfettered capitalism.” It is capitalism, in spite of the HINDRANCE of fetters, that has caused the United states, in less than 300 years, to “sweep by” countries that have been around for THOUSANDS of years. It has allowed it to become the economic powerhouse it was before the liberals got hold of it and ruined everything with their lies and twisting of facts. When they say such things as “Food Stamps grow the economy” in their ignorance they’re doing everything to FETTER capitalism as much as they can.

THEIR LATEST OBSESSION: Nelson Mandela has died. So the news media is gearing up to report every last fact or rumor about his life, praising him to the skies, even though he was a dedicated COMMUNIST and bloody terrorist. They WERE obsessing about Obama’s health care swindle law, and then they were presented with a “gift from God” in Mandela’s death, which allowed them to further ignore Obama’s “ripping off” of the nation.

HILLARY MURDERED THE BENGHAZI VICTIMS: I don’t know if she KNEW that attack was coming, but one month before the attack, she ordered the security on their embassy cut, then let them die, covered it up, lied to congress, and is STILL lying about everything. Yet imbeciles in DC are STILL touting her for PRESIDENT. How stupid ARE they? Is it stupidity, or is it simply that they couldn’t care less how many people she killed, as long as they can put a DEMOCRAT back in the White House?

LYING AGAIN AND AGAIN: With all the hooraw about ObamaCare, you would think Kathleen Sebilius, HHS Secretary, would visit Obama in the White House at least ONCE. But NO! She was not known to have talked to Obama face-to-face ONE TIME. They’re trying to cover it up by saying “Cabinet secretaries visits do not go on the “visitor’s log.” They’re in and out all the time and she has visited many times.” Bull dung! Every other cabinet secretary has been listed on the visitor’s log when a visit occurred, why not this one? Because she was never there!

KILL AS MANY AS YOU WANT: That’s what Obama has told wind farm operators whose fans kill many bald eagles, the symbol of America. If you ACCIDENTALLY shoot and kill a bald eagle you can go to PRISON,. But if your wind farm does, “all is forgiven.” It has been that way for years in theory, but now it there in FACT. I guess anything that hurts the “environmental initiative” toward “renewable energy” is okay, including killing bald eagles. What a damnable administration this is!

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