Friday, December 20, 2013

Why Do Christians "Offend" Atheists?

Some atheists, I should say. People who believe in God and Jesus, Bhudda, Baa’l, etc., if they don’t harm non-believers (for being non-believers) as Muslims do, are not “offended” by those who do not. Some would call ME an “atheist” because, while I believe in a superior being that orders this complicated universe (I’d be a FOOL not to), I may not believe he/she takes the same form as they do. Somebody who believes otherwise does NOT “offend” me just by not believing the same way I do and that should work both ways.

TURNING THE TABLES: A black man walked up to what he thought was an easy target in a mall and took a swing at a black woman—who chased him down and beat hell out of him. So much so he got the sympathy of many in the crowd. It’s about time this happened. But I didn’t expect it to be a WOMAN who “turned the tables” on these fools who punch people out on the street. Good onya, girl!

12-YEAR-OLD KILLERS: Islamic terrorists make a big thing about it when somebody as young as 12 gets hurt or killed in the areas they’re attacking. What they aren’t telling you is those 12-year-olds (and younger) are “enemy combatants” and need to be killed to keep our soldiers alive. Like the 12-year-olds who throw hand grenades at our troops. Many miss. But some do not, and then we see some more dead soldiers because they hesitate or just discount kids so young as enemy combatants—and die for it.

OBAMACARE WORKING FINE: What? I know that sounds strange coming from me, but it’s true. Obamacare is doing exactly what Obama planned for it to do: destroy the medical and health care insurance professions, both at once, while putting the “reins” to both in his hands. It’s not successful in accomplishing anything he SAID it was for, but for his purposes (the socialization of America), it’s working perfectly.

BOY DIES FROM OBAMACARE: No, Obamacare hasn’t totally taken over yet, but school bureaucrats are acting in ANTICIPATION of it by doing things like locking an asthmatic boy’s inhaler in the office while he dies. This is the kind of thing we can EXPECT when uncaring bureaucrats take over medicine. But I won’t be around to see most of it. Obama’s bureaucrats will see to it as a matter of routine.

IT HAPPENED AGAIN: Remember the time a “school official” labeled a six-year-old kid as a “sexual predator” for kissing a classmate? Stupid, wasn’t it? Well, it has happened again. Apparently these people don’t learn from their stupid mistakes. They’ve named yet another kid a sexual predator for kissing a classmate on the cheek. Where do we go to FIND these fools?

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