Sunday, December 15, 2013

Proving the Truth

The State of Vermont does not require a permit to carry a gun. That means honest people, as well as criminals, can carry guns. That doesn’t mean much to criminal because they carry guns anyway. It just cuts the number of unarmed victims. Consequently, Vermont has the lowest crime rate in the nation. Fancy that! And the criminals hate it because it makes their job harder.

PUTTING THEMSELVES OUT OF BUSINESS: Have you heard about that group of “burger flippers” who are going on strike to get $15 an hour for their talentless job? Do they think Burger King and MacDonald’s are going to PAY them that much? Ever? BK and MickeyD’s aren’t just “sitting on” a big “stash” of money. They pay them what they can AFFORD. They’re not WORTH $15 an hour to flip burgers and use cash registers that tell them how much change to give the customer. If they win this, their jobs are GONE. Live with it.

“SOMEBODY SHOULD BE FIRED”: The ObamaCare “rollout” has been one of the biggest fiascos (trainwercks) ever in government. MILLIONS of people have lost their health insurance and are faced with the probability that they must pay TWICE as much, or more, for the same coverage, PLUS what Obama has “ordained (which they never wanted, anyhow).” People hate it with a passion. Now they’re talking in the White House about who should be fired. I recommend ALL of them, starting with Obama.

 ECONOMIC JACKASS: That’s what Rush Limbaugh calls Obama when he cited the “welfare state” and the “economic safety net” for the boom economy we had until his people screwed it up to get elected. And that describes him perfectly; him and all the other socialist believers now in our government. People who are driving our government into collectivism (socialism, communism, Fascism, Progressivism and such), a system that has, or WILL fail wherever it has been tried. Cuba, for instance, is called a success. A place where the average age of cars on the streets is 1958 because nobody can afford better; a place where the infrastructure is crumbling because Castro and his friends are LOOTING it for their own comfort.

USING FAILURE TO TOUT SUCCESS: Obama is now out there telling people who have had their health insurance cancelled that the way out of their problems is ObamaCare (or whatever else he calls it when he “rebrands” it to confuse us further). What he doesn’t tell them is the only REASON they have been cancelled is OBAMACARE. Without all the unnecessary “benefits” (like pregnancy coverage for 84-year-old women) Obama has MANDATED, they MIGHT have been able to keep them but as is it, they can’t. Obamacare is DESIGNED to destroy the health insurance industry, and  is well on its way to doing so.

NEVER WIN WITHOUT DEMOCRAT PRINCIPLES: Obama and other socialists have been saying for years that Republicans are never going to win another election without “moving toward the middle.” Which means we have to move toward THEIR position to win. What a damned fool idea that is! First of all, Democrats don’t care if we EVER win another election, much less be willing to give us advice on how to do it. In fact, ANY “advice” they give us is, by definition, designed to make us LOSE.

"IT'S THE LAW OF THE LAND!" So what? Liberals like to repeat that old saw about Obamacare.  SLAVERY used to be "the law of the land," and so did prohibition. Both have been repealed as stupid ideas, and so will this one. So why should we obey a stupid law just because Congress (in its "wisdom") passed it without bothering to read it?

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