Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Twisting It Around

Obama says, “Isn’t it funny the Republicans spend all their time telling Americans not to buy health insurance.” But that’s not what they are doing, at all. The enemies of Obamacare are telling people not to buy Obama’s “pig in a poke.” That has nothing to do with advising them to not BUY health care insurance. It has everything to do with telling them not to be conned by Obama’s swindle.

OBAMA’S GETTING DESPERATE: He’s hiring people to go out and preach Obamacare to the crowds of people who stand in line for days to buy something like the new iPhone. You know, people who aren’t too bright. Talk about a “captive audience!” The only way to escape the braying of such people is to leave the line, which they don’t want to do. Well, you gotta say Obama IS “creating jobs.” But only to promote HIS wishes. REAL jobs, forget it! He couldn’t care less. He sends more and more jobs overseas every day.

WHO BANS DOORKNOBS? Vancouver, BC does. In a demonstration of stupidity, the fool politicians in Vancouver have banned doorknobs and mandated he use of “lever handles.” They also have now required electric car plugins in every house. They don’t care how much it costs their citizens, just DO it. I didn’t see anywhere their reasoning for this, but then there isn’t much reason OR logic in what liberals (in or outside the United States) do. If they decide they don’t like something, they just BAN it. If they decide (in their “wisdom”) something is “good for us,” they don’t allow us to make a decision to do or not do it, they just make a law to FORCE us to do it.

HE JUST LIES ABOUT IT: If Obama wants anything, he just LIES about it. Today he’s saying “Raising the minimum wage CREATES jobs,” just as if it were true. But history proves that’s a LIE. And we all know ANYTHING that comes out of this fool’s mouth IS a lie, by definition: it came out of Obama’s mouth. His chief liar in the House (in his first term), Nancy Peelosi, says, about his health care swindle act, “We must pass it to find out what’s in it.” What a FOOL statement THAT is! But that’s the level of intelligence in DC today.

SCHOOL SHOOTER COMMUNIST: The latest school shooter in Colorado was a strong believer in COMMUNISM. And he hated guns. So much for logic. But that’s something you’ll never hear in the liberal media unless they can no longer keep it a secret. Upon digging, EVERY mass killer but one recently has been found to be a LEFTIST; some form of collectivism, though the liberal (leftist) media tries its best to make it look otherwise.

BANKS DEBIT YOUR ACCOUNT: In Washington State, banks are debiting people’s bank accounts without their knowledge or approval (WITH Obama’s approval). This is because people have tied to sign up for Obamacare and failed. But having been FORCED to reveal their bank information just to find out what’s available, they have left themselves vulnerable to this THEFT by the government, which has told those banks it will be legal (or at least not prosecuted). More reasons NOT to try to sign up for Obama’s health care swindle.

MAKING PIERS MORGAN LOOK FOOLISH: This item in “Eagle Rising” notes that Pastor Rick Warren made Piers Morgan look foolish. That’s wrong; Piers MORGAN made Piers Morgan look foolish every time he opened his pie-hole. He doesn’t need Warren to accomplish that. Of course, I’m looking for Morgan to “land on his feet” soon with a new job in another liberal news organization; his “reward” for being a fool.

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