Saturday, December 14, 2013

"Replace" Obamacare?

Everybody seems to think that Republicans need to come up with their own plan to “replace” Obamacare in order to fight it. What a LOAD of stinky brown stuff THAT is! Obamacare is COMMUNISM! It is “redistribution of (your) wealth.” It is STEALING what you EARN and giving that stolen to non-earners, and thus should NOT be allowed to continue, in ANY form. We don’t NEED to “replace” it with ANYTHING. Maybe there can be some “tweaking” of laws pertaining to health insurance to make it better, but it does NOT need to be REPLACED.

EQUALITY GAP WIDENING: That’s what Obama says, and he should know. He’s working HARD to make it so. He’s doing everything he can to destroy the free market so he can get on his podium and say “the free market has failed,” and institute more and more socialist ideas to make it even worse while all the time blaming it on the free market. Obama is a “Hitler wannabe” in America. He will only be happy when America is reduced to being “Soviet Socialist America” with him in charge.

It only masks ignorance.” This was said by Greg Gutfield, one of “The Five” on Fox. I don’t want anybody to think I tried to steal it because I rate Gutfield at the TOP of the five people who make up “The Five,” and I wouldn’t want to take anything away from him, even if I could. He was talking about the ignorance of youth, who are usually totally unaware of how confused they are about how the world works. They just haven’t been around long enough to know anything, and they don’t realize it. They think they’re smarter than their parents or grandparents, who HAVE been around long enough.

LIBERALISM DESTROYED DETROIT: Detroit was once the fifth largest city in the United States until the unions destroyed it by demanding too much of the auto industry, which was WHY Detroit was that big. Pension obligations have forced Detroit to seek bankruptcy protection so they can renege on those promises made to those unions. People like Bob Beckel (the flaming liberal also on “The Five”) are constitutionally unable to see that, and poo-pooh any suggestion that those excessive pension demands had anything to do with it. But as usual, he can’t cite a rational alternative cause.

PHONY HATE CRIME INDUSTRY: It’s Greg Gutfield again. That “sage” from “The Five” who is onto things that escape most people, complains about people who are IN THE BUSINESS of phonying-up hate crime incidents to make it SEEM like the world is full of hate. They think that their actions are justified because, “even if that didn’t happen, something similar is happening somewhere.” That is the thinking of FOOLS. And it reduces the effectiveness of REAL reports of hate crimes just as Obama and his cronies’ continued abuse of the “racism” charge makes an accusation of racism become useless.

GUNS INCREASED, MURDER FELL: Congress has noticed that guns have increased from 192 million in 1994 to 319 million in 2009 while violent crime fell sharply. This “bothers” them, and they’re now doing a “study” about it. Why don’t they just accept it and do what it takes to continue the tend? That’s not what they DO! They can’t just accept a natural reaction to something, particularly with guns. They just have to figure out a way to make a LAW to do it.

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