Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It Still Ain't Fixed

Obama said the web site you MUST go to in order to “sign up” for ObamaCare (you know, the thing you must do or be fined) is STILL screwing up. Now many people who DID “sign up” and thought they were covered, are not. And many will be fined because they don’t have it, come the first of the year when they bought it and paid for it and don’t have it. What a “tangled mess” this is! And Obama says “it’s working.” He's deluding himself. Not us.

AN OLD SONG: Kim Jong Il is using an ages-old playbook and, just as he held up an old 3-1/2” disc and said, “With this technology we will destroy you,” he kidnapped an innocent man, imprisoned him, tortured him, and forced a phony “confession” to “war crimes” out of him, then released him, claiming that his age and infirmity demanded it. This is a common tactic of the old communists in N. Korea and we’re falling for it again. You’d think we’d learn.

YOU’D THINK THEY’D LEARN: Fast food workers are going on strike for $15 an hour for their unskilled work. They forget it’s that kind of pay that allows them to work at all without any kind of skills. They think when it’s all over they’ll still have a job. They’re wrong. They’re pricing themselves out of the market. Rush Limbaugh used to joke about raising the minimum wage to $10 an hour and we all thought it would never happen. Now Obama is talking about making a LAW to set the minimum at $10 an hour. Reality follows comedy.

FOOLS AND LIARS: Obama wants to raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour. Historically, every time the minimum wage has been raised, especially when it is raised significantly, it costs the lowest level of workers many jobs because they have no talent and are easy to replace. He SWEARS that “there is NO EVIDENCE raising the minimum wage kills jobs.” He KNOWS that’s a lie; he knows we KNOW it is a lie. He doesn’t care. He lies anyway. It’s his way.

WE HAVE OUR NEVILLE: Neville Chamberlain is well known to have advanced Russia’s war goals by his agreement with Stalin at the “Big Three Summit” about WWII. Now we have John (Ketsup) Kerry, who performed the same service to Iran with his recent “agreement” that allowed Iran to continue what they were doing, while we removed most of our sanctions and sent them $millions to help them do it.

FOX PUSHING COMMUNISM: I couldn’t believe my ears when  I heard a Fox News commentator speak the words, :”He needs the funding from the young and healthy to finance the treatment for the older people” as if she agreed with that. If even THEY are being “taken in” by his fool rhetoric, what chance do we have to keep this country a free market country? The pushers of communism and other forms of collectivism (socialism, Fascism, Progressivism) are nothing if not subtle and their crap is hard to resist for people who are not AWAKE to their subterfuge and just want a "free ride."

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