Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Obama Tells the Truth

He doesn’t plan it that way, but it works out that way. One thing I know about Obama is that he always LIES. So every time he says anything, I know just the opposite is the truth. Ergo, I can depend on the OPPOSITE to what he says it the real truth. Therefore, he is inadvertently telling me the truth whether he wants to, or not.

OBAMA BANS PHOTOGRAPHS: Nobody, but the “official” White House photographer may take photos anywhere inside the white House, and that includes the grounds. That’s because Obama wants to CONTROL every image there is of him in the White House or its environs. Just another example of the COMPLETE CONTROL Obama wants to exert on ANYTHING regarding him and what he does.

House Leader John Baynor is a fool. He has, in effect, told the Tea Parties to “go to hell.” He must think that’s going to work to his favor. What he doesn’t know is that the Tea Parties are a lot more powerful than he thinks they are and they will see to it HE gets to hell before they do The leadership of the Republican Party is dead-set against the Tea Parties because they see them as a threat to themselves. They would be wrong about that if they SUPPORTED the Tea Parties but, since they’re opposed to them, they’re going to lose in the next election.

PRISON FOR REFUSING BUSINESS: The “gay crowd” has become so powerful now that a baker who refused to make a cake for a gay wedding is now being threatened with PRISON for not making that cake for them. Last I heard, businesspeople still had the inalienable right to REFUSE business from ANYBODY, for any reason. Now, I have nothing against gays, but this seems a bit much and a miscarriage of justice. As for those gays, there are any number of bakeries that are willing. They don’t need to FORCE themselves on this one. That’s just STUPID.

VIOLENT CRIMINAL ALLOWED NEXT TO OBAMA: That black man who stood next to Obama in South Africa at Mandela’s funeral? He wasn’t “signing” for the deaf. He was signing gibberish, and has a long criminal record including murder and mayhem. How did he get to stand next to Obama? Maybe he was planted by somebody who thought he might just “do away” with Obama and he screwed it up. Whaddya think?

S. AFRICA DANGEROUS PLACE: In addition to a violent criminal standing next to Obama in S. Africa, there’s also the story about Desmond Tutu’s home being burglarized in his absence while he attended Mandela’s funeral. Sure sounds like a bad place to be to me, especially to “honor” a communist terrorist.

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