Friday, December 27, 2013

Obama's "Successes"

Liberals claim that Obama has had any number of “successes” in his administration, and they’re right. IF you’re a liberal and think laws that “redistribute (other people’s) wealth” are successes. I’m not that stupid. I can’t think of a SINGLE measure Obama has had passed that I would consider anything but an ABOMINATION. His biggest “Success” is Obamacare, which is a “train wreck” that is going to be the RUINATION of this country.

“MOST FASCINATING WOMAN? ”BabaWawa (Barbara Walters) thinks Hillary Clinton is the most fascinating woman there is. It amazes me when ignorant people like BabaWawa advertise their stupidity like this. Doesn’t she even KNOW about the people Hillary helped Islamic terrorists KILL in Benghazi? In her latest interview with Hillary, she didn’t even ASK about that. I guess helping terrorists kill ambassadors doesn’t bother Barbara.

WOUNDED WARRIOR: There’s a lot to be said about “wounded warriors,” and I agree with all of it. But I wonder about “wounded warriors” like me. I was never in any war, though I did my turn in the military. I was “between wars.” But I was severely injured TWICE just trying to stay alive. Once in a traffic accident (not of my making) and once trying to save the life of a 9-day-old baby (I succeeded). Today because of that, I can just barely walk and nobody cares. I’m not talking about this for myself, but for all the other people like me who were seriously injured, but not in the military and about whom nobody seems to care.

“NO MORE FAT?” One actress (Jennifer Lawrence) thinks nobody should be allowed to call somebody else “fat.” (A typical liberal) Of course, she is not fat, by any measure. But to attempt to limit ANYBODY’S ability to say what they mean is CRIMINAL. Fat is fat, even if it hurts. For some, they just can’t seem to control their weight, and I sympathize. But for many others, they just eat too much and exercise too little. I have no sympathy for them. The point is, don’t EVER come to me and tell me there are certain words I can’t use. You will get jack-slapped.

TOLERANT LIBERALS: Liberals are tolerant of ALL ideas and opinions . . .unless they disagree with them, in which case they want to eradicate them. Which is demonstrated yet again with their treatment of Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” for expressing his Christian values, which they consider to be “hate speech.” I wonder where they get the right to define what IS “hate speech?” They’ve also proven again there is no logic in liberal land. Of course, it’s good publicity. You can’t BUY all the attention “Duck Dynasty” is getting out of this.

IT'S FITTING: Jesus was a bearded, unkempt man who effectively told the king to “go to hell. Phil Robertson was likewise a bearded, unkempt man who told today’s “king,” Obama to go to hell and he has suffered for it. That is, if the whole thing is not a very effective publicity stunt. Example: what are we all talking about today? Phil, or Christmas?

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