Thursday, December 5, 2013

Happy Turkey Day!

This was supposed to go up on thanksgiving, but I couldn't do it. so it will go up now. Now let’s get rid of some turkeys. Obama should head the list; followed soon after by Hilary, Eric Holder, Kathleen Sebilius, many senators, headed by Arizona Senator John McCain, who pretends to be a Republican but is more Democrat than anything else. Then there’s Susan Rice, who dutifully LIED for Obama to help cover up his incompetent handling (I hope) of the Benghazi scandal and now is National Security Adviser. Then there’s Nancy Peelosi, Jesse Jerkson, Al Sharpie…er…uh, Sharpton, without whom we would have little or no racism (oops! I forgot Obama). Damn! The list is endless, but these are the main turkeys.

INDIANS DIDN’T SAVE PILGRIMS: The Free Market did. Yes, the Indians may have taught them a lot of things, such as how to grow corn. But that would not have saved them under their original system, which amounted to SOCIALISM. With INCENTIVE thus eliminated, many people didn’t work because they still got s full “share” of any bounty there might have been whether or not they worked. So many didn’t, and the colony starved. Many died, including the governor’s wife. So he set out to change things and return INCENTIVE to the equation. He let them keep their plot of land, but allowed them to keep and sell (at a profit) what they grew. This gave them the INCENTIVE to work hard, and they did. They grew so much there was a surplus, which they sold, at a PROFIT. The first Thanksgiving was not to ”thank” the Indians for saving them, it was a gesture of FRIENDSHIP to their neighbors. As with the story of Robin Hood (That’s another story. Robin Hood did NOT steal from the rich to give to the poor, he stole BACK from the nobles who stole the money and property and gave what was rightfully theirs to the peasants), this has been lied about and twisted over the years by people who wanted to reinstitute socialism and the power it gave to a few.

GOT RID OF ANOTHER ANTI-GUN FOOL: Colorado Senator Edie Hudak, under the gun for sponsoring anti-gun legislation, and seeing two of her  colleagues recalled for the same reason, has resigned, effective immediately, saving Jefferson County the cost of a special election to recall her. She’s wiser than the other two. She “saw the writing on the wall” and “jumped ship” so there would be no recall on her political record. I hope this sends a message to other anti-gun fools.

OBAMA’S SELF-DELUSION: He really thinks he has “solved” the health care “problem” in America. That’s just one of his self-delusions. Another is the idea that he killed bin Laden, who has been dead since Bush bombed him in one of his caves years ago. But the thing here is, if things don’t go the way he wants them to, he thinks they did, anyway. He’s telling people that only a “small minority” of Republicans don’t want his health care swindle law, completely ignoring the fact that a MAJORITY of Americans want nothing to do with it, and it has screwed up the medical profession beyond belief already.

ALTERNATIVE SONG TITLE: “Screw Obama, um, um, um!” That’s a good title to add to the song his minions are teaching school children: “Barack Hussein Obama! Um, um, um!” He just doesn’t realize how low he has gone in the esteem of others. Those who once “sung his praises” are now criticizing his every move, And it goes right by him. He still claims this health care swindle is moving along nicely when it is not. And it is this “fooling himself” like most dictator wannabes that will DOOM him.

IT COULD NEVER HAPPEN: Obama not only KNEW we would not be able to keep the same plans we liked when the law was written. You can’t stuff a ten pound turkey with 25 pounds of stuffing, which is what he’s trying to do. He’s saying it’s the “insurance company’s fault,” but it’s not. They CANNOT offer their policies with Obama’s MANDATES added without raising their prices. He knew that and KNOWS that, no matter how much he LIES about it.

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