Sunday, December 29, 2013

"False Controversy"

That’s what Susan Rice is calling the controversy over the NSA spying on all Americans. And the president calls ALL the controversies surrounding him (none of which have been answered) to be “false controversies.” Do they really think declaring them to be “false” will make their controversies go away? Not likely. That only angers the people who still want ANSWERS and are not getting any. And who are NOT “going away.”

THEY GOT WISE: Mostly, the young are so gullible they’ll buy just about anything. That’s because they haven’t been ALIVE long enough to see through all the scams out there to steal their money. But when Obamacare came around, they got a little smarter (finally). They won’t buy insurance they don’t need to support Obama’s collectivist scheme to make them PAY for the insurance for us older folks, which will ultimately make Obama’s swindle fail. And good riddance!

GOING IN THE BIZ: Colorado is going into the pot business. Now we can see the best reason for legalizing pot in Colorado. They’ve applied a 25% tax on TOP of the state sales tax. Which means the State of Colorado will make the biggest percentage of PROFIT from pot sales without the bother of having to grow it, stock it, and merchandise it. Damn it must be good to be government!

OBAMA: “TALK ABOUT OBAMACARE THIS CHRISTMAS”: What a damned FOOL this guy is. He still thinks there’s still something there to sell and he wants to intrude on our Christmas with his swindle. By the time this appears, Christmas will be over and I won’t have mentioned Obamacare ONCE. What an arrogant FOOL Obama is! As if we’d waste time talking about his stupid health care swindle! He must think Americans are complete idiots!

TYPICAL GOVT RESPONSE: When people stop using a service in private business, they lower the price or improve the service. Not so in government. People stopped using mail because unless they needed to enclose something, they could use e-mail and private services like UPS and FedEx have taken over large segments of the shipping business, so they’re losing money. So what do they do? Raise prices, of course, and make their service even MORE likely not to be used. What FOOLS these bureaucrats are! It just is not worth 49 cents to send one letter when you can do it for FREE by e-mail. But they’re too dumb to realize that. And too dumb to realize how dumb they are.

Islam likes to use threats of being called racist to force people who aren’t interested in Islam to go to their indoctrination centers, as they did to some 8-year-olds recently. They told them if they didn’t go to an Islamic event, they’d be CALLED racist. Which scares the hell out of 8-year-olds who know no better. Islam is NOT a RACE. It is a CHOICE, usually made under duress and threat of death. You are NOT racist if you don’t do what Muslims tell you to do because they’re NOT a race. They get their way by BULLYING people.

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