Sunday, December 8, 2013

Snatching Defeat From Jaws of Victory

The Republican National Committee failed utterly to support two important Republicans in their races against well-financed (by anti-gun forces) opponents. Ken Cuccinelli was outspent by as much as ten to one in the final days of the campaign. In fact, the Cuccinelli campaign went completely dark in the final days, while the Democrats were telling many lies against him that he couldn’t answer for lack of money. Both pro-gun Republican candidates lost.

MORE REPUBLICAN FOOLISHNESS: There are at least three possible REPUBLICAN candidates for president in 2014 that the GOP will NOT support. Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, and Allen West. Why? Because they aren’t backbone-less fools like they usually run—and lose with. These candidates are not afraid to speak the truth, which frightens the GOP elite. They’re afraid of losing their own power. So they will not support them, and will, in fact, OPPOSE them, which makes it a lot easier for the Democrats to steal another election.

RULES IS NOT RULES: Not according to the Democrats, in the person of Harry Reid. They didn’t like the way the Senate “rules” held them back, so, in spite of being very eloquent in opposition when the Republicans tried it when they were in the majority, voted to “suspend the rules” to stop filibusters of their nominees. People are constantly saying, “rules are rules” when it suits their purpose. But “rules are NOT rules” when they can be changed at will, and only when THEY are still in power, which is what they did. It was a TEMPORARY thing, to END when Republicans are again in charge.

OBAMA’S  “VICTORY LAP”: His Justice Dept. got a $15 BILLION dollar fine out of J. P. Morgan to use in supporting outfits like ACORN (under whatever names they exist now) in doing Obama’s bidding (nobody ever asks what they do with such money). This is vengeance for J. P. Morgan refusing his “bailout money” and rejecting his “help.” It seems funny to me that they would go after J. P. Morgan for financial fraud at the same time Obama is working an even BIGGER fraud on the American public with his health care swindle. But of course, Obama and his goons are shameless. They don’t care what you think.

LOTSA DAMNED FOOLS OUT THERE: A man came up to John Stossel the other day and said, “Are you John Stossel?” When John said he was, the guy said, “I hope you die soon,” and walked away. If you don’t know who John Stossel is, Google him. He is a Fox newsman and has written several books that tell the truth about what’s going on. My favorite is “Lies, Lies, More Lies, and Stupidity” or something like that. Some people just can’t HANDLE the truth. And liberals SAY we're the violent ones.

REPUBLICANS DO HAVE BETTER PLANS: Obama keeps repeating the lie that Republicans don’t have anything better to offer. Nothing could be further from the truth. Republicans have offered plan after plan, only to have them rejected out of hand, sometimes without even the bother of reading them. Obama “covers his own ass” when he says this and Republicans (mostly) don’t call him on it, so it “sticks” and becomes “common knowledge.” What a major LOAD that is!

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