Sunday, December 22, 2013

Obama's "Dog & Pony Show"

Obama says he will “sign up” himself and his family for Obamacare. What a belly laugh THAT is! Obama and his family are covered by a medical plan we couldn’t hope to have. He has a full-time doctor at his beck and call every day, even traveling with him wherever he goes. And can you imagine a hospital that would “send the president of the United States away” because his policy wasn’t “in plan?” But the idea of him “signing up” will probably resonate with most ignorant people who pay no attention to politics.

YOU CAN TRUST POLITICIANS: To be politicians. Especially local politicians, because they’re “your neighbors,” think you’ll “give them a pass” on the things they do. Like in New York City. Where they had to borrow money to pay the cops—they want now to make a new city ordinance to give city employees FREE medical care after five years of city employment. No matter what their medical condition or age. They already get lavish retirement benefits—and we pay for it, even if we can’t find a job. But they forget, if we don’t have jobs, we can’t finance their employee largesse to each other. It’s a self-correcting problem, but we are the ones who suffer until it solves itself.

ANOTHER SCHOOL SHOOTING: This time in Trinidad, Colorado, and more calls for useless, restrictive gun laws. Laws that restrict the right of honest Americans to carry guns for self-protection while criminals get their ILLEGAL guns easily. It’s easier for a criminal to get a gun where gun laws are the tightest because criminal gun sellers flock to places where gun laws are the tightest. They know the local criminals will need many more guns to victimize those honest people who OBEY the laws that say they can’t be armed.

“FINALLY AGREED ON A BUDGET”: Obama is now saying, “I’m happy Congress finally agreed on a budget.” What? HE’S happy THEY agreed on a budget when he has not PRESENTED a budget to Congress in the six years (so far) he’s been in office). Boy, this fool is slick. He violates the law by not presenting a budget to Congress in six years and, when Congress takes it upon itself to pass a budget, he is “happy” THEY agreed on a budget. Wowzi!

PATTERNS EMERGE: Patterns emerge every time you look at things. You can lie about them all you want (as Obama does), but patterns of actual events will prove the lie. In the case of Obamacare, for instance: Obama says it’s “working fine” but it is NOT (not by our standards, at least). The pattern is first, a certain inability to get beyond that ubiquitously not working web site; next, if you get beyond that, after your insurance (that you were perfectly happy with) is cancelled The new policy that you are FORCED to buy costs twice or more as much as the old one  This is the undeniable pattern emerging.

CUTTING OFF YOUR NOSE: To spite your face. That’s what A&E is doing if they persist in “suspending” Phil Robertson, of “Duck Dynasty.” This program is their biggest moneymaker currently and Robertson’s family has indicated that they will ALL quit if Phil is not in the show, which will kill the show. If it’s just a publicity stunt, as I think it is, it goes way too far and they have offended every Christian out there, not to mention those of other religious persuasions (except Muslims, of course) who see the bias against religion, period, in their action. Even when they reinstate him, that offense remains and the show might not survive because people might just stop watching it.

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