Monday, December 30, 2013

Stupid People...SHUT UP!

“What are they smoking?” I don’t know what it is with liberal newspeople and liberal politicians these days, but it seems to me they fall all over each other to say stupid things; like MSNBC’s Joy Reid, who criticized Sarah Palin for—wait for it—having a Christmas tree! Meanwhile, Nancy Peelosi chimes in again, saying the first thing we need to do this upcoming year is to extend unemployment yet again. Remember, she's the one who said, "We must pass the act to find out what's IN it," about Obamacare. And many others, too numerous to list here.

I’M NOT COMPLAINING, MIND YOU: Seems to me every time they use a female in an advertisement, or on TV she’s half naked, while men are fully dressed. I just saw an ad for selling machine guns showing a half naked woman firing one. Why is it necessary to take women’s clothes off whenever they’re shown in an ad? Same for women in other places, like those women who tell you what round it is in a boxing match; or the female “talking heads” on the news programs who wear skirts so short they almost end where their hips turn into legs. I’m not complaining, mind you. I’m just remarking.

FOX NEWS ALERT! “Nothing’s happening!” With Fox News, a commercial break is a “Fox News Alert!” If somebody FARTS it’s a “Fox News Break! Maybe they need to take a course on just what IS a “News Break!” People are getting wise to that and do not pay much attention any more when Fox “goes bananas” over something very unexciting and calls it a “News Break!”

NO INSURANCE AT ALL: People who thought they had “signed up” for one of Obama’s double priced insurance policies under ObamaCare may soon find out they have no insurance at all, even if they PAID a premium. There are so many things involved, it’s impossible to know ANYTHING. Even if they TELL YOU that you have insurance, when you go to use it, you find you that you don’t. And even if you do, you may have a policy that has a $5,000.00 deductible, which is as good as no insurance at all. The upshot is, ObamaCare is a con!

GLOBAL WARMING SHIP STUCK IN ICE: Didja hear about that “cruise ship” stuck in the ice in the Antarctic? Alert the irony police! It’s not just any “cruise ship.” It’s carrying a bunch of “global warming scientists” who set out to “document the effects of global warming on Antarctica.”  Well, they found out, in spades! They’re stuck in the frozen tundra and can’t get out because the ice is too thick; and as this is written, several “ice breaker” ships have not been able to get them out. I guess that’s the “effect” of global warming on Antarctica. (giggle, giggle!)

TERRORISTS SABOTAGING OLYMPICS: Does anybody wonder why Islamic terrorists are now blowing things up in Russia? The want to sabotage the Olympics to be held there, of course. Their entire purpose, all over the world, is to disrupt things and kill people who do not believe the exact same way they do. One of their recent campaigns was to disrupt as many Christian events as possible.

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