Thursday, December 19, 2013

I Use Proper Words

I get criticized a lot by liberals for being “too graphic” and for using terms like “stupid,” “ignorant,” and “fool” too often. Well, I’m sorry. I see no need to use “weasel words” when I talk about the stupidity of the human condition today. I do not subscribe to the “politically correct” practice of allowing others to tell me what words I may use. I call a “spade a spade,” and that has nothing to do with black people, no matter how much the PC Police may whine. As far as I am concerned, they can go pee up a rope.

WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE FREE MARKET? Capitalism has been given a bad name by people who understand NOTHING about economics. They’re merely repeating what they’ve been told by collectivists (socialists, communists, etc.) Collectivism, under all its aliases, is a system of THIEVERY from those who PRODUCE new wealth, for the benefit of those who DO NOT produce new wealth. It’s as simple as that, and even people who are a “little slow” can understand it.

CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS: Liberals are trying HARD to eliminate Christ from the celebration if HIS birthday. It’s absurd to have a celebration of a man’s birthday without him. What the HELL are they THINKING? As usual, there’s no logic in what they do, OR what they think. And the biggest absurdity is the number of people who go along with them. Religion aside, removing a man's name from the celebration of HIS birthday is absurd and stupid.

OBAMACARE IS OBAMACARE: Suddenly there has been a shift: Obamacare is no longer being called Obamacare by Obama and his fools. They’re “rebranding” Obama’s signature legislation because the name has become a NEGATIVE. As with AlGore’s swindle, which became “climate change” when they discovered the globe was no longer “warming,” they’re changing its name to make it more complicated and to fool us some more.

This is a common con in government swindles. When a certain swindle becomes known, they change the name of it and, using “political correctness,” insist that everybody call it by its new name until people forget the old name and swindle. Two notable such swindles and “rebranding” are AlGore’s “global warming” to “Climate change,” and Obama’s “Obamacare” to “Affordable Care Act.” Do they really think we’re so STUPID as to buy that crap? Then we have ACORN, which is still around, under a variety of DIFFERENT names.

SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE: They talk about this as if it were a part of the Constitution; it’s NOT. The only mention of “separation between church and state” was in a LETTER from one Founder to another. It is NO PART of the Constitution. And all it means is that the STATE cannot establish ONE religion. NOT that there can be NO CONNECTION between church and state. It does not mean there can BE no religious activity on state property. It really means ALL religions should have access to government property. But it’s not practiced that way.

REGISTERING BB GUNS: Talk about taking in more territ6ory than they’re entitled to, the government now wants to “register” BB guns. I guess they figure BB guns do not fall under the Second Amendment, so they can require such “registrations.” What FOOLS they are. They’re actually threatening BB gun owners with JAIL if they don’t register them. What a LOAD of brown, stinky stuff!

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