Monday, December 16, 2013

Unions Outdated

When unions began they were necessary. Big companies (and small) were walking right over their employees because they COULD. Unions provided the ORGANIZATION that allowed those employees to have a “living wage” and they did an admirable job of that. They did it so well that they made their job largely unnecessary it today’s workplace. Rarely do you find a job with pay that is “starvation wages” in today’s economy. Now unions just cause trouble and create strife. So instead of workers trying to make themselves better to be worth more money they just use their unions to DEMAND more money whether or not they deserve it.

The Arctic Sea Ice has reached a 35-year record, leaving AlGore’s “global warming (or climate change)” or whatever he calls it now, high and dry. But I’m sure he’ll push right on, changing his swindle’s name as needed, collecting lots of money from gullible people including Barack Obama, and spreading his fool message to the world. There are lots of suckers left out there and he means to drain all the money he can from all of them.

REBRAND IT: It’s about time for that old political trick of “rebranding” something when the people “get onto you.” ObamaCare isn’t doing so pretty good, so now they’re talking about changing its name to fool us some more. They haven’t yet come up with a new name for it, as AlGore did with global warming. But they’re workin’ on it, you betcha.

ANYTHING TO PROVE RACISM: Liberals are now circulating a “study” showing that people will buy things quicker if it is held in a white hand as opposed to a black hand on the Internet. Ergo: the Internet is racist. What a load of brown stuff THAT is! Liberals work HARD  to “prove” racism is rampant when it is NOT. The only reason it gets so much press now is that Obama and all the other “race whores” out there are pushing it—hard! They search every nook and cranny for examples of “racism,” at least in their opinion. But the cry if “racism” is wearing thin, due to overuse.

WHAT’S WRONG WITH WAL-MART? Wal-Mart pays its workers more than most other “big box” stores like Target and even Amazon, which ship[s millions of packages daily and has never made a profit because their “margin” is so miniscule. People don’t understand that outfits like Wal-Mart and Amazon aren’t just “sitting on” vast amounts of cash. Rich people, Wal-Mart, and poor people have the same money problems: only the figures differ.  The payouts always threaten to overtake the income. So why do people hate Wal-Mart, but not Target or Amazon? The answer is simple: Wal-Mart spouts CONSERVATIVE principles while the others are, for the most part, liberal. Therefore, liberals want to “demonize” them as much as possible.

PEOPLE IN GEORGIA ARE FOOLS! In Georgia, they’re confiscating Christmas cards from children because they contain “offensive words” like “Merry Christmas. How STUPID do people have to be before they’re forever removed from ANY position where they can control what children think? Next they’ll be putting people in jail for saying, “Thank you.” They’re already punishing people for saying things like, “Bless you” to people who sneeze. How stupid is THAT?

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