Friday, December 6, 2013

I Hate to Hear Politicians' Rants

When I hear such as Barack Obama say something like, “Republicans are an impediment to governing” I wand to vomit. Mostly because a large segment of our citizens (the ones who only want a “free ride” at someone else’s expense) will believe this crap—and they vote, without the benefit of knowing (or caring about) the TRUTH about things (If that would make a difference to these fools), only the LIES fed them by such as Obama. There should be an INTELLIGENCE test before such people are ALLOWED to vote. But the same people, PLUS the Democrats (liberals) will whine about that being an effort to stifle the “right to vote,” while all it is, is an effort to limit the right to vote to people who have SOME idea what’s going on so they won’t vote us into becoming “Soviet Socialist America.”

CONNED US AGAIN: Iran, after many years of refusing to “negotiate,” suddenly agreed to a “non-agreement” the other day. One that requires them to “not do” something they CANNOT do anyway; a “temporary” agreement that will give them time to further solidify their nuclear plans, while we lift many of the sanctions that were slowing them down. As part of the “agreement,” we’re giving them a LOT of money” (what else?) they can use, not only for their nuclear plans, but to help Islamic terrorists kill American soldiers and other innocent people all over the world. Israel calls it a “historic mistake” and they're right.

ANGOLA BANS ISLAM: It has become the first country in the world to (properly) ban Islam as a phony “religion.” Which, of course, the way Islam operates, will make them a prime target for Islamic violence. Islam has no tolerance for ANYBODY who believes differently than they do, nor for anybody who would block them from infiltrating and eventually “taking over.” So their next move will be to move into Angola and start killing innocent people as they usually do to make their evil points. I sincerely hope Angola is up to combating this.

IT SCREWED EVERYTHING UP! ObamaCare should be scrapped. For one reason: it has screwed everything in the medial care and health care insurance businesses up, royally, as only a government can do! The whole thing has become so complicated and self-contradictory that it is unworkable. It will NEVER work! It CANNOT ever work. No matter how much finagling Obama and his fools do. It is not going to work and he should “cut bait.”

WHY IS BASHIR GETTING A PASS? Why is Martin Bashir getting a pass after suggesting somebody needs to crap in Sarah Palin’s mouth? That’s an easy one: he’s drawing a bunch of publicity to MSNBC. That’s pretty much all they’re interested in, except for gays. Don’t mess with gays. MSNBC will GUT you! Gays are their favorite group. I have nothing against gays, but I think they’re getting way too much attention these days (Update: that was apparently too much even for MSNBC. They fired him.).

WHY IS THAT? Sheriff Joe Arpaio says he has been treated shabbily by Obma’s Department of Justice for his insistence on enforcing immigration law when Obama doesn’t want to. Another factor, he thinks, is his exposure of Obama’s perfidy in making it all but impossible to learn the actual place of his birth. Why is that, do you suppose? If there were NOT something very fishy about Obama’s birthplace, why is it so dangerous for such a man as Arpaio to delve into it? Something smells very fishy there.

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