Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christianity Extinct?

Top Christians say Christianity may be “one generation from extinction.” That churches are largely empty these days, and the only way they’re going to reverse that is to try and appeal to the young, who are going to be the adults and “old people” in church one day if the church lasts. I think they’re right, but it’s not quite that bad. Maybe two or three generations. But it IS time they started a better “outreach” to young people, who have been taught to ignore Christianity in today’s schools, right along with schools deifying socialism as a replacement for Christianity. Couple that with Muslims threatening to KILL them for not believing the exact same way they do, and there’s heavy pressure out there.

FOOLED US AGAIN! Iran has successfully conned America and other nations into THINKING they have agreed to s plan that will stop them from getting a nuclear bomb. They’re even going to let “inspectors” into Iran to verify it. They’ll let them look at the abandoned FORMER sites where they worked on it. Meanwhile work on getting their nukes will proceed apace in OTHER locations far away that we don’t know about, some even in other countries. At the same time we will get rid of many of the sanctions we had placed on them, as they planned.

DISTURBINGLY IGNORANT ABOUT FRACKING: There’s a new study out that says this. But why do we need a “study” to know this? The Obama administration is “disturbingly ignorant” about EVERYTHING. I don’t believe I’ve seen an administration (at least since Jimmy Carter) that is MORE ignorant than this one. It is GROUNDED on ignorance.

Abraham Lincoln’s killer was a slavery supporting Democrat; Garfield’s killer was an escaped mental patient; McKinley’s killer? An anarchist/socialist; John Kennedy’s killer? An avowed communist; Robert Kennedy’s killer? A Palestinian Muslim; Martin Luther King’s killer was a lifelong DEMOCRAT. Now tell me again how the conservatives and “Tea Party” types are the dangerous ones.

STUPID SOCIALISTS: In Seattle, they want the “workers” to take over Boeing (never mind they don’t have the money OR the know-how to operate such a business). They forget one thing when they say they can run it as well as the executives and so don’t need the executives. The executives have the ability to see the whole picture and come up with the ideas that make the plant POSSIBLE. Yes, the machinists can DO the work, after the executives tell them how and what to do with it. What FOOLS these people are!

“REPUBLICANS ARE AN IMPEDIMENT TO GOVERNING”: That’s what Obama says, and that’s a typical Obama LIE. The only thing Republicans are an “impediment” to are Obama’s swindle schemes. They are the only thing that has stopped a COMPLETE socialist takeover of this government, which IS Obama’s main goal. Things like ObamaCare and his other swindles are merely MINOR goals on the way this main one. Obama is a FOOL if he thinks we’ll believe this one. But then, we already know he IS a fool.

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