Thursday, December 26, 2013

Suzie Lies Again

Look for former UN Ambassador, now National Security Adviser Susan Rice to get another promotion soon. She has proven herself a reliable LIAR for the Obama regime. First, she told, and supported Obama’s BIG LIE about the unknown video that was supposed to have caused the Benghazi killings. Now she’s LYING about the NSA and their spying on all Americans. They might even give her Joe’s job as a reward. If she keeps on lying for him, Obama won’t have any higher paying jobs to give her, except maybe his own.

“CONTROVERSIAL” COMMENTS? I remember a time when homosexuality and homosexual acts were illegal. People could go to PRISON if they were caught engaging in same sex activities (which didn't make it right). But today, even to SAY that homosexuality is wrong will get YOU in trouble. That’s obvious when you look at the Phil Robertson story. I have nothing against gay people. What they do in their bedrooms is their business. But to cost a man his JOB and demonize him for saying what the Bible teaches him is the work of fools. He can’t hurt them, but they CERTAINLY hurt him—if it’s real. I personally think it’s just a publicity stunt by A&E. The evidence? What are we spending time talking about ad infinitum, ad nauseum, right now?

OBAMA “SIGNING UP” What the hell FOR? As president, he has one of the most complete medical coverage in the world as part of the perks of his job; and they won’t stop when (if) he stops being president. He has his own personal, full-time doctor who travels with him and is ready to leap into action any time he gets sick. And you can bet he is never billed for that. The government pays for it. So why’s he “signing up” for Obamaare? Publicity. A “photo op.” And people who "pey no attention to politics until just before an election" buy it.

WHO’S  BEST SEC OF STATE? They’re asking if Hillary or John Kerry is the best Secretary of State. But the question is wrong: neither is “best.” The question should be, “Which is the WORST Secretary of State? John isn’t much good, but Hillary was worse. Neither have any qualifications for the job. But who has? All they can do is what the president tells them to do, anyway. And most PRESIDENTS wouldn't be qualified to be Secretary of State.

A&E RUNNING “DUCKATHON”: If A&E is so angry about Phil Robertson’s comments about gays, why are they rushing to do a “Duckathon” this weekend? Why are they continuing to run shows with Robertson in them? (They have almost the whole next season already “in the can.”) It’s like I said: it’s just a publicity stunt and they’re rushing to take advantage of it. And we’re still talking about it.

“STICKER SHOCK”: They’re talking about the “sticker shock” people will find in the FUTURE about Obamacare when they finally are able to “sign up.” But I say people are ALREADY suffering from sticker shock as they learn that they have to buy a policy that’s loaded with things they neither need, nor want (such as pregnancy coverage for 90 year old men) that’s going to cost them TWICE or more what their old coverage cost them.

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