Monday, December 2, 2013


Oscar Wilde said this: “Selfishness is not in living your life the way you want to live it, but demanding that other live theirs the way YOU want them to.” Oscar was pretty smart in some ways, wasn’t he? A simple truth, spoken as an aside, to FOOLS who think others should live their lives the way THEY wanted them to. Liberals think selfishness is thinking only of yourself. In reality, selfishness is on wanting what belongs to others, as liberals do.

BACK TO WORK: Well, it’s been a hassle, but I think most of my eye problems (for now) are over. There’s still a definite “presence” there, but for the most part, no more pain. I can open both eyes and (except for the cataract, which was already there), I can see relatively well without pain. That means I can do some work, which I could not do before Thank God there ARE some doctors out there who don’t jump to conclusions as did those at University Hospital. If they had given me the right medicine the first time, I’d have been back at work a week earlier.

“QUIT PRAYING”: The “Duck Dynasty was told to “quit praying” to avoid “offending” Muslims. Who cares about Offending Muslims? They certainly don’t care about offending Christians or any other religion, so why should we give a tinker’s damn about offending them with OUR prayers. What a bunch of FOOLS they are to try and stop Christians from praying to THEIR God, as Muslims do to their God five times a day. Muslims with their butts in the air offend ME! Mostly because me praying offends THEM.

THE “PUNCH ‘EM GAME”: Have you heard about the “punch ‘em” game? Mostly practiced by black youth (and that’s not racism, it’s fact, backed up by numbers) because they’re “bored. Because they’re BORED. They go out and “sucker punch” people, sometimes people who are so old and infirm they couldn’t defend themselves in the first place. Sometimes it kills them. (They’re BORED!) How heroic! But sometimes it turns out the wrong way (according to their opinion). In Lansing, Michigan, a black kid started to punch a man out and got two bullets for his trouble. The lesson to be learned here? Don’t punch innocent people and you won’t get hurt. Viva Treyvon! …Not.

WILL OBAMA’S WEB SITE WORK THIS TIME? Doubtful. The figures they cite as “success” are so far BELOW industry standards as to be laughable. Amazon handles 100 times the number of maximum customers able to be handled at once by this site every day, yet they “dance in the streets” hollering “Eureka!” And there are STILL the “security questions” where you dare not give your personal information for fear of becoming a victim of identity theft.

WHAT’S WRONG WITH OBAMACARE? Many things; first of all, it’s MANDATORY. Obama does NOT have the power to tell you that you MUST BUY something or pay a fine. That’s the idea of a fool. In the private sector if a company can’t deliver a product at an affordable price they make it better. In government if they can’t deliver a product at an affordable price, they make a law to FORCE you to buy it, anyway I recommend NOBODY buy it and that they resist paying his “fine (tax)” with all fervor. They can’t “go after” millions of people and they don't have enough prison cells.

WILL THE IRAN “DEAL” WORK? Not a bit of it. What it requires of Iran is piddling, while we are removing most of the sanctions. All this “agreement” does is give Iran more time to realize their plans while getting many of the sanctions removed. It does NOTHING to INHIBIT them from working to get a nuclear bomb. They’re “playing us,” as usual, and as N. Korea did, successfully. Meanwhile, our incompetent “officials” fall for it AGAIN. I’m waiting for the first bomb to drop from N. Korea. It will, when the baby dictator gets mad enough for a tantrum.

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