Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"Collaborate" With ObamaCare?

What a fool notion that is! (snicker) But that’s what Democrats are saying about Republicans as they blame THEM for the failure of a law that is fundamentally flawed in the first place. Why the hell should we “cooperate” in promoting such an abortion? I like that impossible web site. It is stalling Obama in getting his abortion started, and that can only be good. We’re not “scaring Americans” away from Obama’s crappy web site with our rhetoric. Obama’s crappy web site is “scaring them away.” And the whole idea is “scaring ME away.”

BITING HIM ON THE BUTT: Glenn McCoy has an editorial cartoon showing Obama playing a snake-charmer flute to one snake while the other is getting ready to bite him on the butt. It shows exactly what is going on with ObamaCare. He’s still trying to sell us snake oil while the world is “going to hell” behind him. It's going to BE a failure. But don't try and convince him of that. He's "tone deaf."

WEB SITE A “GOLD MINE”: Obama’s health care swindle web site is a “gold mine” for identity thieves. It DEMANDS all your personal information BEFORE it will even let you LOOK at the plans available and has NO security. It is one of the easiest such web sites there is to hack. Entering your personal info there is like personally handing it to thieves who will steal everything you own—and I’m not just talking about identity thieves who will hack it, I’m also talking about the thieves in the White House.

“MEDAL OF FREEDOM”: This medal has been given to more than 500 people, many of whom whose only “contribution” to “freedom” is being friendly to the president. That it has been given to so many people for NOTHING makes it WORTHLESS. Obama does a “stand-up comedy routine” while naming the current people he is giving it to. While making his speech, he (predictably) brought racism into it when he honored a coach who hired the first black basketball player. It amazes me the people they give this to.

NO SHORTS? I’ve got to go with Michelle on this one. She and her daughter walked off Air Force One (what was she doing on the same plane with Obama?) with her daughter wearing shorts and is getting a lot of grief from folks who should know better, about it. I believe the first lady has the same right to wear shorts as does any woman, without criticism. I do have to say her daughter looks a lot better in shorts than she does.

GESTAPO RAIDS ON WALKER SUPPORTERS: "This kind of political witch-hunt was the hallmark of Hitler’s Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Great Terror, but it’s happening in Wisconsin today. Even worse, it’s not some stinky shadowy group that’s doing the witch-hunt. The home raids are led by supposed law men — Waukesha special prosecutor Francis Schmitz, Milwaukee assistant district attorney Bruce Landgraf, and Eau Claire County reserve Judge Gregory Peterson." This is the kind of thing we can expect to continue under a Democrat Party led by Barack Obama, who considers ANY opposition his “enemy.” (Fellowship of the Minds)

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